Scott is an IRONMAN-distance triathlete and coach who counts victory at the iconic Ventouxman among his career highlights.

Originally from New Jersey, he spends much of the year training in San Diego with his partner and fellow Team PH athlete Carrie Lester. The pair venture to Switzerland and race the top French races during the summer months.

Scott discovered PH through his business partner at KIS Coaching, Brad Williams. It wasn't until he sat down and mapped out a nutritional plan with PH that things finally started to click for Scott in races.

We discovered that Scott is a heavy sweater and he aims to consume ~1000mg of sodium an hour in races. He preloads with PH 1500 before races and tough training sessions, while he typically consumes several sachets of PH 500 on a daily basis to top up his electrolyte levels.

When not training or racing, Scott enjoys surfing, red wine, and entertaining guests in their garden or "the fire pit" as it's known.