Ida Nilsson wins Transvulcania Ultra. AGAIN.

By Dave Colley | 1 Minute Read

Ida, congrats on retaining your title! It looked like an awesome effort. You ran out hard from the start, taking the lead early. Was that your plan all along?

I actually just ran at a comfortable pace that I felt I could stick to for the whole race and it just happened that that got me out in front!


You fell over at one point, what happened?

It was quite late in the race, after about 62 km. I was in the middle of an aid station and I wasn't paying attention to the ground because there were a lot of people cheering me on. Very clumsy of me!☺️I had to run slower after that as my knee was really hurting. I couldn't walk well after the race as the knee ended up with five stitches but the other leg felt fresh and obviously I was just excited to win!


How did you keep your energy levels topped up and stay hydrated? 

I drank about 1.5L of Precision Hydration 1000 over the course of the race to stay hydrated and then drank another 1.5L or so of the isotonic sports drink available at the aid stations, for energy purposes on top of my gels! I probably also had about 0.5L of plain water over the 8 hours I was out there. 


Why do you think you manage to do so well in Transvulcania? 

I had been training really well in the run up to the race and the altitude training I did right before also helped. I also really like the ambience of the race and definitely got energy from that on both occasions!


If you could give one piece of advice to someone racing Transvulcania next year, what would it be?

Definitely train for some long downhills, make sure you have what you need to start and stay properly hydrated, and try do some training in a warmer climate (if, like me, you spend most of the year in colder places!).


You're running the Mont Black Marathon next month, what's your goal there? What are you looking forward to the most about that event? 

It's going to be a really competitive race with a lot of fast women, so it's going to be really tough, but fun as well of course! I always try to win, but a podium would be a good result for me as well. 

Our money's on you Ida...

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