Meet the newest member of Team PH, Andi McKinley. Houston we have a problem...

By Dave Colley | 0 Minute Read
Texas is in the Top 5 Hottest US States all year round and the heat can present significant challenges for people participating in endurance sports. That's why we're delighted to announce that Andi McKinley has joined Team PH based out of Houston.

Andi is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who's an avid triathlete and parent of a 14 year old competitive triathlete. She runs Valkyrie, a US-wide women's triathlon team based  "I am always looking for ways to improve performance, so beyond working hard in training I recognized that nutrition and hydration is often overlooked by amateur athletes," said Andi. "When you live in Houston with temperatures that exceed 90 degree F and humidity greater than 90% that drives the Heat Feel index above 100 degrees, you need to have a proper hydration strategy so that's why I joined the Precision Hydration team."

When we were approached by a Texas based triathlon team about flying over to run a Hydration Workshop and some Sweat Testing, we had no idea we'd meet with a kindred spirit in Andi. We're excited to extend our reach within the North American market, enhancing the service and support we can deliver to the sporting community that have to cope with an extreme climate."

To contact Andi to book a Sweat Test in the Houston area or to discuss personalizing your hydration strategy click here.

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