Want to get into Andy's pants? Runderwear: Seamless, moisture-wicking running underwear review.

By Andy Blow | 1 Minute Read

Lets be honest anyone who has run a lot has probably, at one time or another, suffered with some kind of unpleasant chafing err…down there (if you know what I mean).

Without going into too much detail I can remember one particular occasion when doing a very long, hot and sweaty run in shorts with some cheap cotton boxers underneath resulted in the kind of damage that frankly is normally associated with falling off a motorbike at 100 mph. It still makes me wince just thinking about it now…

As a result of (presumably) similar experiences Richard and Jamie came up with ‘Runderwear’. The guys make breathable, seamless under garments to be worn specifically when running or doing other active sports to increase comfort and reduce the chances of rubbing and chafing. Simple.

Their garments are manufactured on a ‘360 degree seamless machine’ which means that they don’t have any raised stitching or seams to cause unnecessary friction where you don't want it. They're also made from moisture-wicking fabrics to keep them as dry as possible when you start sweating.




I tried out their briefs during a lot of running I did recently in the Deep South of the USA when we were travelling around there doing a series of hydration workshops for athletes recently.

We were in Texas, Memphis and Georgia - all places where it's regularly over 30 degrees C and 90% humidity in the summer. The result was a hell of a lot of sweaty runs but I am happy to report absolutely no chafing as a result.

Runderwear garments are super well made, lightweight, comfy and brilliant at the job they are designed to do. They work well under run shorts as well as running tights and I genuinely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is running a lot of miles and wants to be comfortable.

I even reaching out to the guys to congratulate them on creating a great product and they've hooked us up with a 15% discount code - PRECISION15 - for Team PH. Feel free to use it at Runderwear.co.uk if you want to reduce your talcum powder spend...

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