Review: Saxx Underwear's Kinetic Sport boxer shorts

By Andy Blow | 1 Minute Read

How to keep your important bits comfortable when you're doing something out of your comfort zone...

Chafing, as any experienced runner will tell you, is one of the less desirable side effects associated with taking part in long duration endurance events!

Of all the different types of chafing that can ruin a good long run, ‘nipple rub’ is particularly painful (for either gender), but I reckon for men specifically, chafing of the, ahem, ‘under carriage’ is right up there as one of the worst places to experience an excess of friction.

Luckily, Saxx Underwear have aimed to address this very issue by redesigning undergarments for active men 'from the ground up' and including a (brilliantly named) ‘BallPark Pouch™’ to ‘keep your man parts in place’!

I first came across Saxx because we're both partnered with Maverick Race. James, Jonny and I were racing the Maverick Dorset race recently and Saxx were running a hilarious stunt offering runners a free pair of pants if you agreed to put them on there and then at the start line and run in them.

We couldn't turn that down and I took a pair of their Kinetic Boxer briefs as I was keen to see just how well this ‘BallPark Pouch™’ worked in practice. It sounded like your classic marketing gimmick but there was little to lose by giving them a try…


To keep this blog as family friendly as possible, I'm not going to attempt to describe in any detail how the BallPark Pouch™’ works (head to the Saxx website for the nuts and bolts of that...).

But, what I will say is that, whatever's going on down there, it does seem to work very well as the Kinetic boxer shorts are extremely comfortable - both to run in and also for day-to-day wear.

They have fast become a favourite 'undergarment' for some of my longer run sessions and I’ve actually bought a second full-priced pair with my own hard-earned cash recently because I think they're that good. 

The Kinetic range are made with a quick-drying mesh material, but they also make underwear in more traditional fabrics (as well as items like swim shorts) with their BallPark Pouch™’ liners in too. Whilst I’ve not tried any of these out myself yet, if their sports underwear is anything to go by, I’d expect them to be pretty damn comfy so may try some out soon.

All in all, the Saxx Kinetic Boxer shorts are a well made and extremely comfortable bit of kit and come highly recommended by both myself and James...

Our UK athletes can pick up a pair via Alton Sports and our American and Canadian friends can get 'em direct on the Saxx website.

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