Swim Smooth + Precision Hydration team up to help swimmers perform at their best

By Dave Colley | 2 Minute Read

Precision Hydration and Swim Smooth both help athletes perform at their best by taking into account their individual needs, so joining forces makes total sense.

You probably already know that all athletes sweat differently - both in terms of how much they sweat and what they lose in every drop - that's why we've abandoned ‘one-size-fits-all' hydration advice and products to offer personalised hydration plans and multi-strength supplements that match how you sweat instead.

Similarly, Swim Smooth doesn’t have a single ‘gold standard’ template for swimming technique.  They know that differences in physiological characteristics from athlete to athlete mean there’s a wide range of techniques and training plans that'll work for different people.

They identify what type of swimmer you are and have you train in a way that makes the most of your innate abilities, rather than trying to force round pegs into square holes as is common with so many coaching methodologies.

Both Swim Smooth and Precision Hydration were essentially built out of frustrations with generic solutions to important aspects of performance when a more personalised approach was needed. In that respect we feel like we’re fighting a common cause.

As well as these similarities of approach, Swim Smooth and Precision Hydration also have a longstanding personal link; Swim Smooth Founder and Head Coach Paul Newsome and I studied Sport and Exercise Science together at the University of Bath back in the late 90s.

We trained together, earning the nickname ‘Pinky and Perky’ for our comically similar bleach blonde haircuts…


Andy and Paul at university


We also genuinely use and authentically endorse each others products. In training for racing the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Champs with Paul last year, I used the Swim Smooth Guru platform - developing a serious love-hate relationship with the Red Mist sets - and saw my swim times come down to levels I’d not seen since I was training full time as a result.

And Paul used a ton of Precision Hydration during his preparation for the race as it can get pretty sweaty running and swimming in Perth.

So we’re stoked to finally make things official and partner up, with Precision Hydration becoming Swim Smooth’s Official Hydration Partner and Swim Smooth being named as PH’s Official Swim Coaching Partner.

What does that mean exactly? Well, Paul will be helping us refine our practical hydration advice for swimmers over the coming months and we'll be working with Swim Smooth coaches around the world to help educate swimmers on how to start long swims well hydrated and aid their recovery afterwards.

Plus, we've hooked PH customers up with an exclusive discount on the Guru coaching platform. Just use the code 69VC-K4EU to get 30% off a 3 months Guru Pro subscription or 10% off an annual subscription

To activate your Swim Smooth Guru license just visit www.swimsmooth.guru, hit ‘Sign Up’, create an account and enter the code at the next step. If you're already a Guru subscriber, or have any problems activating your license, contact customerservice@swimsmooth.com and mention our promo code.


Swimsmooth guru app


Watch this space for more collaboration with Swim Smooth in the coming months...

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