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Nail your fuelling & hydration at Castle Race Series

  • The best electrolytes & fuel on course
  • Fuelling & hydration support from our experts
  • Use our fuelling planner to personalise your strategy

Fuelling and hydration briefing

Choose your sport/distance for a guide on staying fuelled and hydrated on the big day

Nail your strategy with our experts

Book a free one-on-one video consultation with one of our fueling experts and they’ll help you perfect your plan for your next race, as well as talk you through what’ll be available on course at the Castle Race Series.

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Try the on-course fuel in training

"Nothing new on race day" has always been solid advice. Grab a Taster Pack and thoroughly road-test the on-course fuel and hydration before your race.

Try the on-course fuel and hydration

The Fueling & Hydration Planner

We’ll be launching a free online tool to help you create a personalized fueling and hydration plan for your Castle Race Series event. It’ll be ready soon.

Nail your next event with a FREE Fuel & Hydration Plan
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