Video-on-demand Hydration Course

We teamed up with TrainingPeaks University to create an online course containing everything you need to know about hydration for endurance sport.

The on-demand programme is mostly video-led and it essentially gives you a download of everything we currently know about this crucial aspect of performance.

The course covers:  

Hydration History

Learn how hydration advice has changed significantly over the years and how controversial a topic it is in the world of sports science.

Hydration Science & Myth Busting

Learn how dehydration (and overhydration) impact performance, the role of electrolytes and how our individual physiology affects our hydration needs.

Building Hydration Plans

Learn how to create a personalized hydration plan for yourself and/or your athletes.

You should consider this course if you're a coach who wants to help athletes avoid common hydration mistakes during training and racing.


Athletes who frequently run into GI and cramping issues during activity or just want to improve their performance can benefit from this course too.

By the end of the course, students will be familiar with the complicated history of hydration science, have a good understanding of the science of hydration for endurance athletes, and also have the tools and know-how to build personalized hydration strategies for training and racing.

You can learn more here, or get started right away by enrolling in the course: