Sweat Testing in Surrey

Get Sweat Tested with the Sweat Experts in the UK

If you've been struggling in the heat or with cramp when racing over longer distances then it might be wise to book for a Sweat Test with us to see whether it might be due to sodium depletion. Here's a summary explaining why sodium is so important for athletes.

We organise Sweat Testing events roughly every 6 weeks in Surrey or London so let us know if you'd be interested to book a test at our next event and we'll drop you a note when we have a date and a venue organised. Please also let us know if you have a group keen for testing together and we'll see whether we can organise a special trip to visit you!

You'd also be welcome to book an appointment with us at PH HQ on the south coast - its about 90minutes from Guildford.  

In the meantime, we'd advise you to take our free online Sweat Test and pick up the starter pack of electrolytes we put together for you. Get out there and give our recommendations a good test in training so take any feedback you have into account during your Advanced to test - that always helps us to refine your strategy further.


If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to drop us a line...

Contact Details: Precision Hydration (Jonny Tye/Andy Blow) 

Event Venue: 
Surrey Sports Park
Richard Meyjes Road,

Telephone: 01273 900277
Email: orders@precisionhydration.com
Web: precisionhydration.com