Sweat Testing in Houston, Texas 

Where can I get my Sweat Tested in Texas

Meet Andi McKinley - our official Texas Sweat Testing partner. Andi is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and endurance athlete. She's been close to Precision Hydration for a long time and has built up a wealth of experience with us working with both individual and team athletes of all abilities. 

Should you book for a Sweat Test?

First up, we've spent some time with Andi in TX and can confirm the heat and humidity is brutal ... even when you're not training or racing! If there was an environment made for sweating we think you guys found it in Texas - hydration should certainly be high up your agenda and a Sweat Test is a quick and easy way to assess your requirement for sodium supplementation.

Do you have cramping problems or suffer in the Texas sun? Do you know how salty your sweat is, what should you be drinking and when? A Sweat Test will help you understand more about your individual sodium and fluid losses and Andi will sit down with you to build a Personalised Hydration Plan for you based around our multi-strength electrolytes.

Andi will also be on hand following your test to help you refine your strategy once you have some testing under your belt - she'll be your Sweat Expert whenever you need her (...obviously within reason!).

By the way, if you've not seen how the Precision Hydration Sweat Test works, here's a video that walks you through the non-exercise protocol.
If you've got questions then do reach out to Andi directly using the contact details below... she doesn't bite!

Contact Details: Andi McKinley - Sweat Test Me.

The Woodlands

Telephone: (+1) 936-525-7529
Email: am@precisionhydration.com
Web: sweattestme.com