The initial response to the new all-natural range has been fantastic. Here's some of the feedback we've got so far...



Ive been out this am and ran 16 miles and took the new 1000 drink and i definitely love the new taste! Its a shame I've got quite a few of the old ones left to use up! Anyway...thought you'd like the feedback. Ill definitely be recommending you to my tri friends.

Thanks again



I really like the new sachets

They taste great and having the extra carbs is a bonus!





Must admit I used the new products yesterday and they look to be a genuine step forward.

Many thanks for the samples, I will order soon, just waiting to run down stocks of the tablets a little.

Kind regards




Jon Regler review




Had the new product 1000 this morning for doing our Max 30 maxStrength, and We LOVED this one!!! Tastes much better and it didn't upset my tummy at all! And it dissolves pretty quick too!

I have to keep the 1500 for my next race (28/8/16, 10k in Carrickfergus Northern Ireland), looking forward for that..

We have to finish the effervescent ones 1st (on our 2nd 1000 at the moment) so once we are finished we will definitely be getting the new products!

Thank you again,



In short I think they're excellent. Specifically, I think the flavours seem a lot 'cleaner' and fresher than the tabs, particularly at the concentrations to be consumed during exercise (500/1000).




They taste great by the way!

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We're encouraged by the feedback so far and we've certainly seen a nice increase in sales off the back of the buzz the launch is creating.

We're expecting a number of reviews in print/online mags over the next few weeks, and we have some campaigns lined up with a few podcasts and partners, so now's definitely a good time to stock up on the new range so that you can benefit from the anticipated spike in traffic/interest.


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