Precision Fuel & Hydration's Andy Blow is being joined by our ambassadors for an 'on-nomi' - the Japanese for an online drink with friends - as part of a regular video series. 

Andy chats to British ultra-runner with Robbie Britton, who opts for an orange-flavoured San Pellegrino from his base in Italy. In contrast, Andy was straight on the whisky... You can see the full video of their interview below. 

Beyond the drinks, Andy chats to Robbie about his current situation in the north of Italy, where he is currently having to train using his turbo on his balcony due to the restrictions on movement outside. 

Robbie is one of Great Britain's top ultra-distance runners and has taken on some epic challenges over the years, including finishing 3rd in the world when running 261km in 24 hours. 

An injury has meant Robbie has had to turn his attention to more cycling of late and he gives us an insight into how he's training. Robbie also works as a coach and gives us an insight into the advice he's giving to his athletes as they try to find motivation for workouts after a glut of race cancellations, while he also has some advice for those who are having to work from home at the moment. 

And you won't believe how much he paid for his flat in Italy...!

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