Your Starter Pack


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We’ve put this package together especially for you based on how you sweat.

It includes 3 boxes of the electrolytes and a box of SweatSalts that match how you sweat in different scenarios. Each box of Precision Hydration electrolytes contains 8 handy single-serving sachets and the box of SweatSalts contains 15 electrolyte capsules. Check your Personalised Hydration Plan for recommendations on when and how to use each strength and drop us an email at if you have any questions about how to stay hydrated when it matters to you.

Your package includes:

- 3 boxes of Precision Hydration 1500. At 1500mg of sodium per litre (32oz), it's about 3 x stronger than most electrolytes on the market. The extra sodium in here helps you absorb and retain more fluid, so you start hydrated when it counts.

- 1 box of SweatSalts (15 capsules). These are designed to replace the key electrolytes lost in sweat and aid fluid absorption whilst being easy on the stomach. They're blister-packed making them ideal for hydrating on the move - just swallow whole with a few decent swigs of fluid during sweaty exercise.