Personalised Hydration Plan e-Gift Card


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Struggling for gift ideas for an athletic loved one? Do they have all the inner tubes or training socks they'll ever need?! Give them the unique gift of a Personalised Hydration Plan.

It includes...

  • A personalised hydration plan with sport-specific advice on how to hydrate properly before, during and after training and events. The plan is accessible 24/7 online.
  • Electrolyte supplements that match how they sweat.
  • Ongoing advice and support from our Sweat Experts to refine their hydration strategy as they train for new challenges.

A Personalised Hydration Plan makes a great gift as it helps your loved one stay at their best when it matters to them. Plus, it's a gift that keeps on giving!

How does it work?

  1. You order the Personalised Hydration Plan Gift Card and receive an email with a printable e-gift card that explains the advantages of a personalised hydration strategy. It contains simple instructions on how to get started and redeem the gift card.
  2. They take our Online Sweat Test to get their Personalised Hydration Plan.
  3. They then use your gift card to order the electrolytes that match how they sweat.
  4. They then get regular hydration advice and continued support from our Sweat Experts to help them refine their strategy.

Why does it make a great gift?

  • It's unique and personalised.
  • It's a gift that keeps on giving (ongoing advice and support, useful for as long as they continue in their sport).
  • It covers an important but often forgotten aspect of performance.
  • It's perfect for athletes who've already got all the gear they'll ever need!
  • It's particularly great at Christmas as hydration is often forgotten during winter but it's actually very important as we tend to wrap up or train indoors (and so often sweat more!).

PLEASE NOTE: Gift cards can only be used for online purchases on, not Sweat Tests conducted by, or electrolyte supplements bought with, our Sweat Test Centers around the world.