Swashbuckler Hydration Starter Pack


This hydration starter pack from Precision Hydration will help you start the race hydrated and maintain your performance through to the finish line.

It includes a box of Precision Hydration's 1500mg/l electrolyte drink mix to help you start the Swashbucker hydrated by sodium preloading on the night before and morning of the race. This'll boost your blood plasma volume and help you maintain your performance. 

It also includes a box of blister-packed SweatSalt capsules to help you stay hydrated when you're low on fluids. They're perfect for chasing down with water at aid stations during the run.

Finally, you'll need a bottle of electrolytes on your bike. The bundle includes a 1 litre bottle in which to mix up the race strength that matches how you sweat. Find out which strength is right for you by taking Precision Hydration's free online Sweat Test.