Plenty of Pukka Perks
for PTO Pros

(Say that 5 times fast with a mouthful of energy gel!)

  • Free Sweat Test for Top 50 ranked pros
  • Help nailing your fueling & hydration strategy, if you want it
  • The best fuel and electrolytes on course
  • Free coffee at PTO Tour events ☕

Try the on-course fuel in training

"Nothing new on race day" has always been solid advice.
Want to test everything that’ll be available on course? Drop us an email with your address and we’ll ship you some samples.
Try the on-course fuel and hydration

Get your Sweat Tested at PTO Tour races

Dial in your hydration strategy by finding out how much sodium you lose in your sweat.
Reach out to learn moreWhy take a sweat test?

Let’s crunch your numbers.

We don’t care who you’re sponsored by, if you want help perfecting your approach to hydration and fueling, we’re game.
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Free Coffee!

We’re bringing a decent coffee machine with us on Tour. We’d love to talk triathlon over a cup. Come and say hello.

(We won’t try and sell you stuff. Promise.)

Nail your fueling strategy with the Fuel & Hydration Planner

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