Death before to DNF! 💀

No zombies allowed in Dallas.

  • Watch the Fuel & Hydration Briefing video
  • Use the Fuel & Hydration Planner to refine your strategy
  • Get last-minute advice from our Help Desk

Watch the Fuel & Hydration Briefing

It's going to be really hot in Dallas (duh!) 🥵, so it's crucial you get your fueling and hydration on race day.
Get the lowdown on what's on course to help you perform at your best in this short video:

Nail your fueling strategy with the Fuel & Hydration Planner

Crush your race nutrition by using our free tool to create a personalised plan for your race in Dallas. It'll tell what numbers you need to hit and how to hit them using what's on-course at the feed stations.
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Try the on-course fuel in training

Grab a Taster Pack and road-test the on-course fuel and hydration in training before your race, or visit our multi-coloured stand when you've arrived in Dallas and give them a taste.
The best athletes practice their strategy in training.
Try the on-course fuel and hydration

Nail your strategy with the PTO Help Desk

Book a FREE one-on-one video consultation with one of our fueling experts and they’ll help you perfect your plan for your next race, as well as talk you through what’ll be available on course at the PTO Tour in Dallas.
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Insights and advice from the pros

We’ll be sharing regular insights into how the pros fuel and hydrate their big races in our newsletter, on social media and through the PTO’s channels.
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