PH 1500

PH 1500 is a very strong electrolyte drink designed to help you start hydrated (and stay that way once you're sweating, if you're a heavy/salty sweater). Dissolve 1 tablet in 500ml of water.


Our electrolytes come in different strengths to match how YOU sweat. Take a Sweat Test to find out which strength is right for you!

PH 1500
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Start Hydrated

Our low calorie effervescent electrolyte tablets come in different strengths to match how YOU sweat. PH 1500 is our strongest electrolyte drink and it is typically used by athletes aiming to start well hydrated and recover faster after intense exercise. It is also used during exercise by heavy/salty sweaters.
Low in calories/carbs, ideal for fasted-training and LCHF lifestyle
Low in calories/carbs, ideal for fasted-training and LCHF lifestyle
Independently batch tested for a wide range of prohibited substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list
Independently batch tested for a wide range of prohibited substances on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list
Weight / space efficient tubes
Weight / space efficient tubes
Dissolve in 500ml of water
Dissolve in 500ml of water
Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise
Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise
"I lose a lot of salt when I'm sweating. Even on a normal training day, my shorts and jersey are super salty. And I cramp sometimes on warmer days. PH's products are great. I use their highest strength and add it to my bottles during and after a ride."
Coryn Rivera - Team Sunweb rider and 72x National Champion

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"I performed well in cold conditions but struggled when it got hot. PH solved that "mystery" and enabled me to perform at my best in the heat."
Allan Hovda - Winner of Norseman, Swissman Triathlons


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Great product!
Really good products that I started using in the hot summer on back to back bike trip days, and have kept using on the turbo sessions since. Haven't suffered from any cramp or dehydration since using!

No more cramp!
I’ve always suffered from cramp while cycling, especially on tough climbs in hot conditions. I took a sweat test and discovered I’m a very ‘salty sweater’. I now pop a 1500mg tablet in my bidons, along with my energy powder, and miraculously, no more cramp! It’s transformed my experience and performance e.

Great product
Brought these after trying other products to help with hydration and by far the best I have tried. Already ordered my second batch.

Sustained hidration
I love PH 1000 and 1500 tablets, they have great taste and I feel well hidrated in trainning, racing and recovery. Highly recommended!

Everything you need
I have been using PH prdoucts for approximately 2years now and my pefermance levels have increased 2 fold during training and events. Using the 1500tabs in the lead up to events and during particurlary sweaty turbo sesions and the smaller capsules while on the run leg of a triathlon, this is where I would usually cramp towards the end and lose time but since using PH this has not happend. Using the Fuel range during my last 2 x 70.3 events I have manged to finish strong only using PH products for all my fuel and hydration needs. The natural flavour of the drink and gels make them easy to consume and you dont get that sickly sweet flavour. Due to them providing 30g per serving it means I now carry less gels making space in my pockets and bike for anything else that I may need. Since using PH products I have had no cramp or GI issues during any events something I suffered from in particular previously.

PH hydrated Ironman
I've been doing triathlon for over 10 years now up to GB age group level and, over that time, I've sometimes found my quads or calves getting painful and cramping up towards the end of races. I know I sweat a lot, but didn't know how much salt I lost from it. I decided to get a 'sweat test' done with PH, and it concluded I was just over half way on the scale, which was useful to know, as was being matched up with the correctly balanced hydration products. Since then, I've done a lot of training and racing over distances ranging from sprint to Ironman. I've taken the PH products; PH 1000 powders or tabs during training and racing and 1500 as preparation, plus the salt capsules during races when I've only been able to access water on the course. Now, I've been training hard, so that in itself has undoubtedly contributed to me getting fitter and stronger and, perhaps, able to fend off cramp, so when asked if the PH products were 'working', I held back judgement. However, I do like the PH drinks and felt I had the science behind using them, and trusted they would be of benefit. And, reviewing my progress now, I do feel they have helped me, and I simply haven't had any problem with cramp. Most recently I completed my first 'Ironman' triathlon and am sure the PH hydration products (which was all I used) played a big role in me getting round the course in remarkably good condition, right to the end (winning my age group). I've also appreciated the good articles I've been sent, so many thanks.

Precision Hydration in UAE
I've tried multiple sports nutrition products but the PH 1500 and PF 30 worked really well for me while training during the summer heat (50C++) of UAE. Their free hydration plan and carb calculator is also spot on! Highly recommended!

The 'Secret Sauce'
Switched to PH products about 6 months ago having used various other brands over many years. Great products and support from people who are incredibly knowledgeable. No changes to my workout structures but definite changes to the outcomes in terms of race results. PH are the 'secret sauce' in my opinion.

My PH Experience
Nothing but great, I first used these for Ride 100 Surrey. Felt energised the whole way round with only one stop to top up my water bottles and add more tabs. I use the 100 to hydrate before runs especially Newmarket Joggers training days. Very good product wouldn't use anything else.

Gel and tablets
Immediately resolved my longstanding race cramping issues. Cannot recommend enough.

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