Sweat Testing & personalized electrolyte supplements for pro teams

We help organizations in the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, Premier League, Premier Rugby (and more) personalize their athletes' hydration strategies.

As the Official Hydration Partner of Premier League side, Wolverhampton Wanderers, we have Sweat Tested their entire squad and provided individualised hydration strategies for each player. We visited the Sir Jack Hayward training ground to Sweat Test their new signings and you can see a video of the process of Sweat Testing pro teams below:

We also spoke to Wolverhampton Wanderers' Head of Nutrition, Mayur Ranchordas, to discuss the importance of personalising your athletes' hydration strategies:

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Here's why personalizing your athletes' hydration strategies is so important:

  1. Every athlete loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat, from as little as 200mg of sodium per litre of sweat, to as much as 2000mg/l
  2. This is largely genetically determined
  3. Combine that with differences in sweat rates and athletes' net sweat/sodium losses over a game can vary significantly
  4. So, a 'one-size-fits-all' approach to hydration just doesn't work
  5. Understanding the unique physiology of your athletes allows the development of personalized hydration strategies that meet their needs, which is crucial to maintaining performance.

Benefits for your athletes

  1. Performance maintenance. Optimizing fluid/ electrolyte intake maintains blood plasma volume, which prevents the drop off in performance that occurs when an athlete is dehydrated
  2. Performance enhancement. Studies have shown that acute pre-exercise sodium loading can actually increase performance, by increasing blood plasma volume
  3. Reduced cramping
  4. Hydration awareness and self-management. Athletes who've taken our Sweat Test are far more aware of their own hydration requirements
  5. Increased safety from the extreme downsides of dehydration (hyponatremia)

How it works

  • We use patented medical technology to collect/ analyse your athletes' sweat
  • Sweat Tests can done almost anywhere, at rest, in ~15 minutes
  • Test ~75 athletes in a day without disrupting training
  • Get accurate results immediately
  • Quick and easy to implement personalized strategies using our multi-strength electrolyte supplement range
  • Our strongest drink is ~3x stronger than typical electrolyte drinks
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