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Sports Illustrated  

Sports Illustrated ran a feature on Precision Fuel & Hydration and detailed the work that it carries out. From Sweat Testing to the dangers of hyponatremia, the in-depth feature takes a look at the science of hydration in sport and how PH are breaking ground with their patented Advanced Sweat Test. 

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Runner's World  

Precision Fuel & Hydration were named the best hydration product (aka 'Best In Test') as part of Runner's World magazine annual running gear awards feature at the start of 2020. 

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Virgin Radio: The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

Andy, Jonny and Abby appeared in a special feature on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, which attracts more than 1 million listeners each week. They Sweat Tested the Virgin Radio team and discussed the importance of hydration with keen runners Chris Evans, Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne. 

Listen to Team PH on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show

The Guardian 

The Guardian ran a piece on how recreational athletes can train like the professionals, detailing different products, including Precision Fuel & Hydration and the Sweat Test, that can help you maximise your potential. 

Train like an elite athlete


The Independent newspaper named the 10 best nutrition products on the market and PF&H were in there as a top drinks option for athletes. 

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Huffington Post  

England rugby star James Haskell wrote an article for the Huffington Post about how water alone is not enough to keep him hydrated. He highlighted the importance of taking a Sweat Test to find out how much sodium he loses in his sweat and how Precision Fuel & Hydration provided a hydration strategy and electrolytes that match how he sweats. 

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The Times

The Times newspaper looked at the rising popularity of triathlon and referenced Precision Fuel & Hydration as part of a bumper article. 

Get with the times 

During a summer heatwave in the UK, The Times talked about how to hydrate and mentioned the different strengths of PF&H products that match how you sweat. 

I've got time for this 

Cycling Weekly

Precision Fuel & Hydration have featured regularly in Cycling Weekly, including articles on how PH electrolytes can help bolster performance, as well as advice on how to avoid cramp and dehydration. 

When's it too hot to race? 

Performance boosters you can trust

Energy drinks for cycling: explained

Cycling and cramp

Staying hydrated during a Gran Fondo

What do pros eat during a Monument?

Outside Online

Acclaimed author Alex Hutchinson attended the TrainingPeaks Endurance Coaching Summit in Boulder, Colorado, where PF&H founder Andy Blow was a keynote speaker. Andy's presentation on hydration and whether you should drink to a plan or drink to thirst was one of Alex's 5 takeaway training insights from the summit. 

Insights from the Endurance Coaching Summit

Men's Journal

Men's Journal outline which athletes could benefit from a Sweat Test and why you might want to personalise your hydration strategy, whilst pointing athletes towards Precision Fuel & Hydration's services. 

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London Evening Standard

London Evening Standard journalist Annie Ross took an Advanced Sweat Test with Precision Fuel & Hydration ahead of completing the London Marathon and outlined her key findings from her time with PH.

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The Daily Telegraph (Australia)

The Australian Daily Telegraph spoke to members of the Australian Rugby League team to hear how they were using Sweat Tests to refine their hydration strategy ahead of the Four Nations tournament. 

Aussies get Sweat Tested

The Irish Examiner

PF&H founder Andy Blow was interviewed by for an article looking at the importance of hydration for athletes in The Irish Examiner. 

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USA Today

USA Today interviewed NFL player Montez Sweat during his Advanced Sweat Test with Precision Fuel & Hydration. 

No sweat for Montez

Fox 10 - Phoenix

The Fox 10 channel in Phoenix ran a special video piece and article to gain an insight into how nutritionist Brooke Schohl carries out Sweat Tests and why sodium is so important for hydration. 

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Global Triathlon Network

Global Triathlon Network's Mark and Heather are put through their paces in a 42-degree heat chamber! They each ran for 22 minutes in order to calculate their hourly sweat rates.

The Sweat Test was conducted to analyse their sodium levels - the testing highlighted the importance of personalised hydration plans, with products working for some athletes that may not suit others.


SlowTwitch interviewed PF&H's Andy to hear about his athletic career and how he helped co-found Precision Fuel & Hydration. 

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220 Triathlon

220 Triathlon ran a series of pieces on the importance of hydration, including quotes from Andy on how to avoid dehydration and hyponatremia. 

Why replacing salt is crucial

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Andy wrote a blog piece for Tri247 to outline the importance of sodium for hydration. 

Why is sodium crucial?

Outdoor Swimmer

Outdoor Swimmer interviewed Andy following the Ötillö Swimrun World Championships in Sweden to discuss hydration and training for swimrun races.

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Endurance Business

Endurance Business interviewed Andy to hear how Precision Fuel & Hydration had developed as a company since it was launched in 2011 and how PF&H had worked with athletes and technology partners to develop an effective way of athletes maintain their personal hydration needs.

Building up a sweat

Fast Running

Ultrarunner Robbie Britton set a new record of 9 days, 10 hours for the 650km Jordan Trail and wrote about how he prepared for the race, including the importance of hydration in the blistering heat and how he used PF&H. 

Read Robbie's story


SUPBoardMag interviewed a host of standup paddleboarders to find out how they approach nutrition for events, with Pete Holliday focusing on the importance of hydration and outlining which PF&H products he uses before, during and after races. 

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Single Track World

As part of Single Track World's Fresh Goods Friday, the website recognises the brands that could prove valuable to their readers. Precision Fuel & Hydration featured in episode 334 as they explained the different types of PF&H products that are available. 

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Total Women's Cycling

Hannah Reynolds wrote a piece of Total Women's Cycling and looked at the different ways riders can cope with cycling in the heat, including the importance of starting hydrated and Hannah pointed readers towards Precision Fuel & Hydration's Sweat Test services. 

Surviving cycling in the heat

Furthermore from Equinox

This article looks at different types of Sweat Tests and why athletes might want to consider having a Sweat Test. They reference Precision Fuel & Hydration's Advanced Sweat Test and the fact that they offer different strength electrolyte products. 

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