Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


How long does it take to die from dehydration?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman delves into survival stories and the scientific evidence to answer the question - how long does it take to die from dehydration?


How strong electrolyte drinks can help POTS sufferers

Hydration is extremely important for people who suffer from POTS and we explain why a strong electrolyte drink can help ease the dehydrating symptoms associated with POTS.


Racing with the pro's: What an age-group triathlete learned from Helvellyn

Top age-group triathlete Jo Clarke talks about her experience of racing in the elite wave at the Helvellyn Triathlon - her first triathlon since the pandemic scuppered the race calendar.


How lockdown prepared PH athletes for a return to racing

Athletes with PH in their bottles returned to racing at the Helvellyn Triathlon and we caught up with them to hear how training during lockdown prepared them for their first race of 2020.


Did Helvellyn Triathlon offer a glimpse into the future of racing?

We caught up with professional PH triathletes who raced the Helvellyn Triathlon to get their thoughts on how the future of competitive racing might look.


Team PH reviews CLUGs (aka "the world's smallest bike rack")

Members of the Precision Hydration team give the lowdown on their CLUG's - aka "the world's smallest bike racks".


The 3 R's of Recovery: How to optimise your post-exercise nutrition

The 3 R's of Recovery involve refuelling, rebuilding and rehydrating. Abby Coleman details how you can optimise your post-exercise carbohydrate and protein intake to improve your recovery.


Which recovery tools are worth your time and money?

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman analyses a variety of recovery tools and gives us the lowdown on which ones we should consider using for post-exercise recovery.


Why we batch test the Precision Hydration product range

Precision Hydration founder Andy Blow explains why the entire PH product range is batch-tested and undergoes rigorous scrutiny in order to ensure they adhere to the WADA Anti-Doping Code.


4 ways NOT to fail when stepping up to ultra-endurance distances

Precision Hydration spoke to ultra-endurance author, coach and podcast host Jason Koop to find out how not to fail when stepping up to ultra distances.


Should strength training be part of your training routine?

Should runners consider adding strength training to their routine? Oliver McCarthy BSc explains the benefits of strength training and how to make it part of your training plan.


Does sunscreen affect how much you sweat?

The health benefits of wearing sunscreen have been well founded but can it affect the way you sweat when exercising? Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the research.