Hydration and Performance Advice for Athletes


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There's a growing trend for athletes to report consuming more than 90g of carbs per hour during events, but is this really possible? Abby Coleman explores the evidence...


How to fuel an ultra endurance race

Nutrition and hydration play a crucial role in your success during ultra races. We take a look at how to prepare your fueling plan and explain what to do if things go wrong mid-race...


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How many hours should athletes train during pregnancy?

Sports Scientist Inez Griffin explores the literature and guidance for athletes training during pregnancy, and provides some practical training advice for pregnant mothers...


Can you train your gut to optimise your fueling strategy?

The most common reason for athletes failing to finish a race are 'gut issues' resulting from a high-carb intake. The good news is that your gut can be trained to take on more carbs...


The Pregnant Athlete: How pro athletes changed their training volume during pregnancy

Pro triathletes Michelle Heneghan and Mary Robbins share their training plans to show how their training volume changed pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy...


How to choose the right energy product formats or foods to fuel your performance

To help you select the format of fuel that's right for you, Andy Blow outlines the pros and cons of carb drinks, gels, chews and bars...


How much carbohydrate do athletes need per hour?

When refining your fueling strategy, the key question to answer is 'How much carbohydrate do you need per hour?'. Sports Scientist Andy Blow outlines the science and basic guidelines for athletes...


How elite athletes prepare hydration and cooling tactics for hot weather

Sports Scientist Abby Coleman explores the findings of a 2019 study that investigated hydration strategies and cooling techniques amongst athletes at the Doha World Champs...


How Coast To Coast winner Dougal Allan uses sodium to aid recovery

Pro athlete Dougal Allan - winner of the 2019 and 2021 Coast To Coast Race - explains how a better understanding of his sodium intake has improved his recovery and reduced his problems with cramps...