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Our blister-packed capsules are ideal when you're relying on water from feed stations at events, if mixing up drinks during your longer activities isn't practical, or if you prefer plain water to even the mildest of sports drinks. They're also useful for topping up the electrolyte content of other drinks. 15 capsules per box, 250mg of sodium per capsule. Swallow with water.

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The Best
Service has been first class from start to finish. Products arrived promptly and was kept updated on delivery. The team also helped me select what was needed based on my needs and how to use them during my training and racing. They genuinely showed an interest in helping me and identifying my needs. I have found the products to work well for me with no stomach issues. Have been training hard and felt the products helped, along with my training, to perform the best I could on race day. They helped me set a 22 minute PB in the marathon so want to say thanks to the team for their advice and products. Just loaded up with more for my next training black!

Great product!
I love this product as it gives me the electrolytes I need without having to drink electrolytes! I only like to drink water when running as I don’t like drinking something sweet in addition to sweet gels and these capsules are easy to take with water! They have certainly helped with my tendency to get headaches during and after a long run and I don’t get them very often now when I take these capsules! Also easy to carry with you, open and swallow on the go! Highly recommend.

Tailored hydration
Since having the sweat test in 2017 it has been a game changer for me.

Solved Cramp Issues
Solved recurring cramp issues during races/long runs - happy customer!

Happy customer
I recently started using Precision Hydration drinks and gels after suffering badly with cramps during my long runs and races. I have found the products to work really well and they are also easy on the pallet and stomach.

Great hydration products.
Great products and thoroughly recommend. Free hydration plan helps you choose the right products. Neutral taste is also great unlike some sickly products I had tried previously.

Saved my marathon
Saved my marathon

Everything you need
I have been using PH prdoucts for approximately 2years now and my pefermance levels have increased 2 fold during training and events. Using the 1500tabs in the lead up to events and during particurlary sweaty turbo sesions and the smaller capsules while on the run leg of a triathlon, this is where I would usually cramp towards the end and lose time but since using PH this has not happend. Using the Fuel range during my last 2 x 70.3 events I have manged to finish strong only using PH products for all my fuel and hydration needs. The natural flavour of the drink and gels make them easy to consume and you dont get that sickly sweet flavour. Due to them providing 30g per serving it means I now carry less gels making space in my pockets and bike for anything else that I may need. Since using PH products I have had no cramp or GI issues during any events something I suffered from in particular previously.

PH is a real game-changer
I started using PH products after struggling to find ways to keep hydrated during long endurance events. I would always suffer big performance reduction because I wasn't able to hydrate enough as I'm a very heavy sweater. Quite simply, since starting using PH and following the pre-loading methods, I've not suffered the same hydration related performance issues. PH have been very helpful in this process, and the personal virtual call to discuss things is an excellent service. I was someone who was skeptical about electrolyte replacement being that important in hydration prior to using PH, and can now say that I've changed my views completely.

PH hydrated Ironman
I've been doing triathlon for over 10 years now up to GB age group level and, over that time, I've sometimes found my quads or calves getting painful and cramping up towards the end of races. I know I sweat a lot, but didn't know how much salt I lost from it. I decided to get a 'sweat test' done with PH, and it concluded I was just over half way on the scale, which was useful to know, as was being matched up with the correctly balanced hydration products. Since then, I've done a lot of training and racing over distances ranging from sprint to Ironman. I've taken the PH products; PH 1000 powders or tabs during training and racing and 1500 as preparation, plus the salt capsules during races when I've only been able to access water on the course. Now, I've been training hard, so that in itself has undoubtedly contributed to me getting fitter and stronger and, perhaps, able to fend off cramp, so when asked if the PH products were 'working', I held back judgement. However, I do like the PH drinks and felt I had the science behind using them, and trusted they would be of benefit. And, reviewing my progress now, I do feel they have helped me, and I simply haven't had any problem with cramp. Most recently I completed my first 'Ironman' triathlon and am sure the PH hydration products (which was all I used) played a big role in me getting round the course in remarkably good condition, right to the end (winning my age group). I've also appreciated the good articles I've been sent, so many thanks.

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