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PH 1000

PH 1000 is a strong electrolyte drink designed to help you stay hydrated when you're sweating. Dissolve 1 packet in 500ml of water.


Our electrolytes come in different strengths to match how YOU sweat. Take a Sweat Test to find out which strength is right for you!

PH 1000
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Our all-natural electrolyte drink mix packets come in different strengths to match how YOU sweat. PH 1000 is a strong electrolyte drink typically used by athletes with moderate to high sweat/sodium losses and those exercising in hotter/humid conditions.
Informed Sport certified
Informed Sport certified
Mixes up to deliver a 3% carbohydrate solution
Mixes up to deliver a 3% carbohydrate solution
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
Convenient, waterproof single-serving packets
Convenient, waterproof single-serving packets
Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise
Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise
"I never paid enough attention to my hydration needs during training and racing until I discovered PH. The team is great, and I can't thank them enough for taking me to the next level in my training and racing."
Carrie Lester - 3x Top 10 finisher at IRONMAN World Champs

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"I performed well in cold conditions but struggled when it got hot. PH solved that "mystery" and enabled me to perform at my best in the heat."
Allan Hovda - Winner of Norseman, Swissman Triathlons


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Swimming Hydration
I train for long distance swims. The only pools I have access to are a dangerous 30-32°C. Prehydrating, and hydrating, with PH1000 has been extremely important to my workouts by replenishing the lost sweat quickly, witout the extra sugar of other products.

My go to sports drink
Easily the best electrolyte solution I've tried and I've tried a few. Got so used to feeling sick from drinking too many electrolyte drinks that it's a really nice surprise to find precision hydration sits comfortably litre after litre.

Game changer.
Took the online quick sweat test in summer this year and haven’t looked back since with the recommendation. I am a heavy sweater and honestly having the 1000’s in my bottles on my bike rides has changed the game for me! I used SIS prior and I realise now how dehydrated I actually was during and after my rides. I was tired and lethargic, whereas now I feel great, apart from sore legs of course!! Highly, highly recommend. Great taste, super easy to store in your back pockets/bags on longer rides if you have access to water. 10/10

Good product
These have a good taste and they dissolve quickly. Now in smaller packets which makes them more portable. The website was easy to use and delivered promptly.

It works when I use it!
I completed the simple on line assessment and have a range of the products for pre, post and on bike hydration. When I do utilise the hydration plan it makes a difference, when I don’t I feel tired and the performance tails off. I like the products use natural inputs. I’m a returning new customer!

PH for the desert
I got into PH through my coach Ash Tuck at Kinetic Sports. I’m training for the MDS 2021 and had no idea where to start with good hydration. I’d had some bad experiences with cramping and on occasion dizziness (Summer Greenman/Gower Ultra 50). As tiredness creeps in I’d forget to drink and hadn’t prepared fluids properly. Ash introduced me to PH told me to do the online hydration survey and I ordered my first pack of 1500s and 1000s. I’ve now built a hydration plan for some of my preparation runs and better understand the pre and post exercise fluids needed to maximise performance.

Great products, no more cramps
Before hearing about Precision Hydration I'd suffer quite badly with cramps, following their advice and using their products I've had a lot less cramps. I've cramped on the bike but I think that's was because I wasn't using a strong enough solution, time will tell. One great positive, I've had no more cramps after long hilly rides once off the bike and resting, something I use to suffer with a lot

Game changing for athletes at all levels
Getting hydration in training and races right is so important, especially as a heavy and salty sweater, but it always seemed a bit of an unknown with so many different options available. It’s great to get some clear and easy to understand products and advice that are tailored to you. The customer service and advice is outstanding, even as a amateur you feel like you’re getting Olympic-level athlete support!

New life customer
I first heard of PH through the brick session podcast and at a time that I was first exploring the world of endurance sport. I am an ex-rugby player and I wish I knew about PH when I was playing, I know it would have helped my recovery and game performance. As someone with little to no knowledge of the science of propper hydration the support offered by PH in the shape of a hydration plan, for free, was a real surprise to me and very welcomed. I feel like I am sensitive to being dehydrated, if that makes sense, I can tell if I've gone too far, I just feel like crap, PH helps me keep on top of it and if I have let it slip, it helps me catch up and get back on track. From a personal view I feel like PH are in it to make a difference and not just make money, every interaction has been easy and insightful and I will be using PH all the time I am training and racing in Triathlon.

Thank you
Found the stuff that really works! As a Sweaty Betty with a dodgy runners gut, these sachets and capsules are ace! No frills, helps me get through the distances, recover quickly and better than before.