PH 250

PH 250 is a low strength electrolyte drink designed to help you stay hydrated day-to-day. Dissolve 1 tablet in 500ml of water.

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A great business run by very a knowledgeable team
I've been using Precision Hydration products since they first launched around 10 years ago, I met Andy and had a sweat test at a Triathlon Show. Since then, as someone who loses a lot of salts, I've used the full range of tabs and capsules racing and training over various distances, and the 250mg for daily use which have a great flavour! I've nothing but praise for Andy and his team, it's one of those range of products that as a club coach that I recommend to athletes without hesitation. Keep up the good work.

Effective hydration without the chemical nasties
I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination, I'm an over 60 fat'ish lad at the back with diabetes. PH gives me exactly what I need, effective hydration without 'nasties' and sugar. My rides ( 3 to 4 Hours) are now much better hydrated and my blood sugar is better controlled. Great for cycling in hot places such as Languedoc and Provence. Thank you PH.

New to PH
I have only been using PH for a short while, but I found the customer service and sweat test really helpful to find the right products for me. I like the taste and so far they are helping to keep me adequately hydrated. I also love the sustainable packaging and appreciate the hand written notes on the paperwork. 😊

Get the benefits
Since sweat test several years ago I have benefitted hugely from these products. My hydration is better, pre and post events and I get less cramp. Would recommend them highly

For the Recreational Rider or Pro
Works effectively.

Love it
Love it, these are the only electrolytes drinks I seem to be able to use consistently and don’t get fed up with

Super Product
Have only quite recently started on Precision Hydration products and would have to say that even though I have not yet tested products in the most extreme conditions while sheep shearing and having tried many different brands over many years of this work, I am more than satisfied with PH to date and from my early days of using these products I am feeling already that I have found the absolute best and am confident using it,body not overloaded with sugar at the end of day and my recovery is much improved.Been using PH 1500, PH 1000 while at work to prevent cramps and PH 250 to pre load.

Had 2 weeks without them and couldn't wait for my next delivery!
After completing a sweat test, I ordered a case of the 250s. The difference was noticeable straight away! I'm a swimming coach, and I work indoors on poolside (hot and humid), in addition to that I train regularly and commute by bike. I've been using the tablets in the morning for about 4 months, my concentration is better (whilst training and at work), my mood is better, the absence of a dehydration headache in the morning is a nice feeling (I'd just accepted it as part of life) and I feel like I'm recovering quicker from training sessions. I'm also more hydrated on the same amount of fluid! I've been taking extra tablets during the day if needed e.g. a heavy training session or if it's extra hot on pool side. Then I had a 2 week break from them. Initially I didn't notice the difference, but after a few days, I just felt like I couldn't re-hydrate no matter how much I drank! As soon as my latest batch arrived, it made a difference straight away again. Pleasant taste and easy to drink. I recommend them to anyone who will listen!

Wouldn't consider endurance events without them
I know if you are serious and regular athlete then your muscles don't need help to overcome hydration and cramp. Well I'm a happy and regular cyclist (in the summer months) who likes endurance events, often spending 4+hours in the saddle and without help, I do suffer from both cramp and de-hydration. Introduced to me by a fitness trainer a couple of years ago, since I started taking pro-hydrate every day (250's) and 500's for the longer distance rides and they have made a huge difference to my enjoyment of my activities. I wouldn't consider doing these types of events without them.

As much a part of my kit as swim goggles
I first turned to this product when I suffered from cramp when training for my first 10k a few years ago. Since then it has become essential for me for endurance event. I not only completed the 10k but have done several since , last year I completed a one way windermere fuelled by ph1500 and 250.

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