Customs and duties

If you're ordering from a country that is not the same as our store (e.g. a country outside of the EU from our EU Store, or outside of the US from, our USA store) that doesn't have a relevant free trade arrangement with that country, your government may impose import duties on your order before they release it from customs and deliver it to you.

We do not collect these duties when you place your order, nor do we have any visibility or control over them. These payments are the responsibility of the buyer and may be charged by local postage agents on behalf of your government prior to receipt.

Whilst we can't advise on every country's customs situations, we've found this 3rd party site quite useful for understanding the potential fees when ordering from certain countries.

If you have any questions about customs and duties, or about your fueling and hydration strategy, just get in touch with the lovely folks in our Athlete Support crew.


Head of Athlete Support

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