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PF 30 Gel


The most efficient way to get 30g of carbohydrate into your system fast. Our gels have a very mild, neutral taste reducing flavour fatigue during longer efforts.

The texture is designed to reduce stickiness in the mouth and minimise the need to wash them down with fluid immediately.

Our first batch flew out of the door faster than an athlete who's crushing their fuelling plan because they know their numbers! We've ordered more and anticipate that our EU warehouse will be fully restocked by mid September. Preorder yours now and consider using our PF 30 Energy Drink Mix to tide you over in the meantime.


Our fuel comes in different formats to suit personal preference and the practical considerations of each sport

The expected ship date is 13th September
Want to know how much fuel you need?Try the carb calculator


Our Quick Carb Calculator™ helps you understand how much fuel you need to perform at your best.

Our range of fuel makes it easy to hit those numbers by telling you how much carbohydrate is in each serving right on the front of the packaging. No complicated nutritional tables to decipher, zero guesswork.

The all-natural PF 30 Gel can be used on its own during shorter durations, or combined with other PF fueling products or real foods when going longer. If you're someone who hasn't gotten on well with gels previously, give ours a try, we'll eat a flip-flop if you're not pleasantly surprised!

Informed Sport certified
Informed Sport certified
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
Use the Carb Calculator to nail your fueling strategy
Use the Carb Calculator to nail your fueling strategy
2:1 glucose to fructose ratio to aid carbohydrate uptake
2:1 glucose to fructose ratio to aid carbohydrate uptake
"The PF 30 Gels are awesome! They're easy to consume on the bike and run, taste great and have a good consistency. With the PF range, I really feel like I'm able to get in the fuel I need much more effectively than in the past."
Adam Bowden - IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai winner

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"A superb addition to PH's line-up. 30g of carb in a 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio, with no 'magic dust' or other marketing gimmicks. Most gels are way too sweet, my tastebuds found the mild flavour of the PF 30 gel far more tolerable during long efforts."
Allan Hovda - Winner of Norseman, Swissman Triathlons


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National 24hr TT with PH hydration and fuel
In short; totally recommend PH for hydration and fuelling. In full; Heard about PH on a Trainer Road podcast and checked out the sweat test as I am a heavy sweater and suffered on long events. Delayed my first purchase but brought some hydration products in recent months in preparation for the national 24 hour time trial. Used them in training and high temps and was impressed with how they worked. Also helping with my recovery. PH gels were also released recently and I have had limited experience with sports nutrition in the past opting for ‘real food’. The clear 30 grams of carbs was really helpful as I have adopted a more structured approach to my fuelling for the first time. I have managed long events better and recovered quicker when fuelling properly. The National 24hr TT had exceptionally hot conditions and I ensured I preloaded the day before and prior to the event with pH1500. I changed my plan to use PH1000 and switched to PH1500 initially due to the excessive heat. There were high drop rates in the high temps and I managed where I have failed in the past. ‘You sweat a lot’ said a blunt passing rider, but I had it covered. I got behind in my drinking overnight and took on some blister pack tablets to compensate and got back on top of my fluid intake after that. Used the PH gels every hour of the 24 along with some solid carbs and took on a consistent 60grams. No GI issues experienced. They are sweet but neutral in flavour, I have completely avoided gels previously due to the weird synthetic flavours not appealing. Im sold on PH gels for a consistent palatable carb source. The products did the job and contributed to me hitting my target and completing my ‘BHAG’. Who knew a well thought out hydration and fuelling strategy would be so effective? Thanks PH. Totally recommended.

Great products
I have started using the 1500 strength electrolyte drink followed advice from a pro triathlete friend, and having shocked myself with the sweat test result. I participate in open water endurance swimming events, primarily 5 - 10k distance. This culminated in a 10k (turned out to be 11.7k!) swim yesterday in the Lake District in hot weather. I took a sachet the afternoon before and one on the morning of the event (along with a PH gel) and for the first time, no debilitating cramp when you stop swimming to take on water during the event. I've tried other hydration products and, frankly, they didn't work but simply, this does. I used the drink in combination with the gels which also helped me to keep consistent times per 100m/500m throughout the swim. Thoroughly recommended, thank you.

Excellent products
Excellent service and superb products, which really work for me as an endurance swimmer

No more cramp!!
Superb products!! Having always struggled with cramp during high intensity indoor training and racing i turned to PH and I haven't looked back! No longer suffer from cramps and PH gives me the confidence to push hard without the worry of cramping. The new 30g gels taste amazing and provide an instant kick!! Looking forward to trying out the new drink mix this weekend.

First time using them and blown away by the gel. As it says no stickiness or any sickly flavour. After ingesting the gel there is no after taste or anything, which is great. These can easily be used during an Ironman with no sickly feeling or taste fatigue.

H2 pro Gel review
Taste great which is very important and the consistency / texture is perfect so that they are easy to consume and absorb during intense exercise

PH Gel first use
Great first impressions with the gel, the consistency made it easy to use and without the need for water straight after like most gels. A nice gentle flavour, I sometimes find gels can linger in the mouth for a long time. These will now be my go too gel! Give them a try

Enjoyable gel
Easy to take Good flavour

Gels do the business
Gels worked very well for a 100 mile cycle. Used them in a bottle with a little added water. Felt the hit come in. Only observation is on a personal note possibly a little too sweet but not a nasty taste so something to get used to

Great product
Can’t complain at all. Product looks great, tastes great and is easy to understand so you know exactly what you are putting in your body and how much you need.