Why do I cramp? How can I stop cramping?

It’s still not 100% clear what causes muscle cramps. Electrolyte/fluid imbalance is one potential culprit, especially if the cramps occur a few hours into activity or when you sweat a lot.

One way to find out if your cramps are being caused by electrolyte depletion is to drink Precision Hydration 1500 before activities that typically lead you to cramping up. This ensures you are starting out fully hydrated, with your body’s sodium levels optimised.

If you tend to cramp during long bouts of activity, you can also try using Precision Hydration 1500 during these activities.

How much Precision Hydration do I need to drink?

There is no exact science for this. In general, thirst and how often you're urinating are your best indicators of when you need to drink. If you're thirsty, drink more. If you're urinating in large volumes and rather frequently, you may be drinking too much (especially if it's really clear in colour).

Try weighing yourself before and after exercise to estimate fluid loss, but remember that temperature, clothing and how hard you are working will all alter your sweat rate.

What flavour is Precision Hydration?

All 4 strengths are a light citrus fruit flavour which has been tested by athletes to ensure it's nice to drink, even during intense exercise.

What's in Precision Hydration? 

The new mixes contain just 8 ingredients.

As before, the key one is obviously sodium and in the new drinks this comes in the form of Sodium Citrate. Although it’s more expensive than Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Chloride (a.k.a table salt), it’s alkaline and therefore much easier to drink in larger volumes and more suitable for the body when exercising. In other words, the new stuff is even kinder on your stomach than our existing range. Which is great if you're prone to GI issues on longer/hotter events when you're drinking more.

The flavouring comes solely from natural fruit extracts; the glucose comes from simple cane sugar (see below for more on this).

They also still contain base amounts of potassium, calcium and magnesium, similar to the low levels found in normal human sweat. Oh, and there’s also a little bit of citric acid and vitamin C, just to help with the taste and improve the stability of the products when they’re stored before use.

The bottom line is that there are no artificial or synthetic ingredients in the new products. This was really important to us as we are aware that more and more athletes are seeking to minimise or eliminate these from their diets. The drinks are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and they’re gluten, dairy and GMO free. We followed the basic principle that we’d only put in exactly what was needed to make a useful and great tasting hydration drink. Nothing more.

    All of the ingredients are suitable for serious athletes to take and do not appear on any anti-doping list. Batch test certificates can be provided as proof of this.

    Why is there sugar in the new formula?

    Our all-natural electrolyte drinks contain a bit of sugar and some people are asking questions about that as, sugar has a bit of a bad rep these days. But, when Mary Poppins sang “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, she really was on to something. You see, a small amount of sugar (Glucose) in solution, significantly improves the movement of water into the body when paired with plenty of sodium. Our hypotonic hydration formulas take advantage of this using a well researched mechanism called ‘sodium glucose co-transport’ to increase the rate at which fluid gets into your body. It's basically the same concept used in medical oral rehydration solutions to rapidly rehydrate those suffering from severe dehydration from sickness and diarrhoea who can’t be given a drip, so it has a lot of efficacy behind it. As well as helping you absorb fluid faster to stay hydrated, sugar also has the side benefit of helping keep your energy levels up during prolonged exercise. Don’t misunderstand us here, sugar, like anything in excess, is not good for you and these are in no way ‘energy drinks’. But, for athletes, consuming sugar appropriately really makes a lot of sense, especially when you’re working hard. In actual fact (and despite the bashing they receive in the more popular press on a regular basis), carbohydrates are still up there as the most proven and potent substances athletes can legally consume to maintain endurance performance. But as with most things in life, moderation is the key word here. A single 20g serving of Precision Hydration (mixed into 500ml/16oz of water as directed) creates a hypotonic 3% carbohydrate solution. That’s the optimal amount for fluid absorption and less than half the level found in typical isotonic drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade and Lucozade Sport. It delivers just under 70 Kcal per 500ml/16oz serving and approximately 15g of carbohydrate per 500ml/16oz. This means that most athletes will definitely still need to get the majority of their calories from foods or other solid nutrition products.  But that's exactly how it should be: Rapidly absorbed fluids from your bottles and calories from solid foods. You can then dial hydration, sodium and calorie requirements up and down independently to suit whatever you're doing, whatever the conditions.

    Where is Precision Hydration made?

    Our products are made in the U.K. and stored in top secret Sweat Expert locations around the world.

    Do I need to exercise during my sweat test?

    No. We have two types of Sweat Test; our Advanced Sweat Test uses a harmless chemical to stimulate the sweat glands in a small patch of your forearm to contract and sweat. We collect this sweat and analyse it there and then, giving an immediate result. The whole process takes around 15-20 minutes. Learn more about our Sweat Test here.

    Our Online Sweat Test uses an algorithm based on thousands of Advanced Sweat Tests. You can exercise in front of your computer if you want, but you might look a tad weird.

    Why do you take sweat from the forearm in the Advanced Sweat Test?

    Different parts of the body sweat out different sodium concentrations. However data shows that sweat from the forearm is an excellent indicator of your average sweat loss and therefore represents the whole body pretty accurately. This article has more on that.

    Do I need to take more than one sweat test?

    For Advanced Sweat Tests, no. Your sweat sodium level is genetically determined, and so varies very little over your lifetime. It may fall slightly when you become acclimatised to a hot environment (after a few days) but will return to your baseline level once you return to your normal environment.

    For Online Sweat Tests, the recommendations our algorithm makes are based on what you tell us about how you exercise. If this changes significantly, we recommend that you take another test and adjust your hydration strategy accordingly.

    Where can I take an Advanced Sweat Test? How much does it cost?

    Find a test centre near you here. The test usually costs £95, but prices charged by our partners may differ.

    Where is my order?

    We send you an email when your order is shipped from our top secret Sweat Experts HQ. Standard UK shipping can take up to 7 days, whilst international shipping can take longer. If you think you should have received your order by now, email us with your order number and we'll check in on it for you.

    Do you have a store I can visit to buy some product in person?

    We don't, but we're at many of the best trade shows and events (we always bring plenty of product and we offer our Sweat Test). Find out where we are next and come and say hello. We'd love to chat through your hydration strategy with you.

    What's your return policy?

    We offer a no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you’re unhappy with our products, you can return them to us for a replacement or refund.

    Goods damaged in transit to you will be replaced at no additional cost. Please inform us of any damage to the products within 3 days of delivery.

    How to Return:

    1. Give us notice of your desire to return within 30 days of receiving your products (or within 7 days if you require a P&P refund). Notice may be given by e-mail or phone, please refer to the returns section on the reverse of your invoice/dispatch note.
    2. Please repack the products using the original packing supplied, complete the returns section on the reverse of the invoice/dispatch note and send this back together with the products.
    3. You will then be entitled to a refund from us, which shall be paid as soon as possible (Please allow up to 30 days for the refund to be processed)

    Unless your products are damaged, faulty or the wrong goods are sent in error, you must arrange for and pay the costs of returning the products to us.

    If you are returning damaged, faulty or the wrong goods sent to you in error, please specify this as the reason for your return when letting us of the return, by contacting Customer Services. While in your possession, you must keep any products you intend to return to us in good condition.

    Who built your website and is it secure?

    Our website is built on a secure platform called Shopify, with support from Moxham Consultants.