Fuel to the Finish Endurance Nutrition Coaching


Fuel to the Finish

Fuel to the Finish Endurance Nutrition Coaching 

Elevate your game with a dietitian who GETS IT!

Brooke Schohl, MS, RD, CSSD, METS Level II is a Registered Sports Dietitian and the owner of Fuel to the Finish Endurance Nutrition Coaching in Scottsdale, Arizona. She offers customized nutrition plans to endurance athletes of all levels, with a focus on Metabolic Efficiency Training (MET) throughout all sessions. Services include diet assessment, specialized meal plan guidelines, training/racing fuel plans, and sweat testing/personalized hydration plans.   

She is an avid triathlete, having completed many triathlons of all distances including 3 Ironman races.  

Sweat testing is available at Endurance Rehab Scottsdale.  Discounted group testing sessions are available in groups of 5+.  Please inquire for more info! 

Contact Details: Brooke Schohl  ( (602) 999-3033 ) 

Endurance Rehab:

9376 E Bahia Drive 
#103D Scottsdale
Arizona 85260