Are you hydrating your athletes properly? 


What we do

  • A 'one-size-fits-all' approach doesn't work when it comes to hydration.
  • Sweat rates and sweat sodium concentrations vary dramatically from athlete to athlete; from as little as 200mg of sodium per 32oz to as much as 2000mg.
  • Understanding the unique physiology of your athletes allows the development of personalized hydration strategies that meet their needs, which is crucial to maintaining performance.
  • We provide the tools, experience and products to do this to an ever-growing list of pro sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Formula 1, MotoGP, Indycar, Premier League Soccer, International Rugby Union and more.   

How it works

  • We use patented medical technology to collect and analyse your athletes' sweat.
  • The Sweat Test can be done at rest, almost anywhere, in around 15 minutes. No blood tests. No labs. No need for athletes to work up a sweat on a treadmill, or to interrupt training. We can test ~75 players in just one day.
  • The test immediately and accurately tells us how much sodium the athlete is losing in their sweat. This is determined by genetics and, whilst it varies significantly between athletes, it stays pretty constant within an individual.
  • We combine our Sweat Test results with contextual information about sweat rate, training levels, cramping history to create an individual hydration strategy for each athlete.
  • Because typical sports drinks follow the 'one-size-fits-all' approach, we've developed our own range of all-natural electrolyte products to match each hydration plan perfectly. Our strongest product is 3x stronger than typical electrolyte drinks.
  • All of our products are independently batch tested at HFL labs to certify that they are free from contamination by banned substances on the WADA anti-doping list. The all-natural range is Informed Sport/Informed Choice certified. Batch certificates can be provided if necessary.

Why it works

  1. No need to disrupt training. (Unlike with patch testing)
  2. It can be done almost anywhere, with little space and no special facilities required.
  3. Test 75+ athletes in one day. 
  4. Get accurate results immediately.
  5. Implement personalized strategies quickly and easily using our multi-strength electrolyte range.

    Benefits for your athletes

    1. Performance maintenance. Optimizing fluid/ electrolyte intake maintains blood plasma volume, which prevents the drop off in performance that occurs when an athlete is dehydrated.
    2. Performance enhancement. Studies have shown that acute pre-exercise sodium loading can actually increase performance, by increasing blood plasma volume.
    3. Reduced cramping
    4. Hydration awareness and self-management. Athletes who've taken our Sweat Test are far more aware of their own hydration requirements.
    5. Increased safety from the extreme downsides of dehydration (hyponatremia).

    Ok, so what are the options?

    1. 'Hydration as a Service'

    Our experienced Sweat Experts visit your facility and conduct Sweat Tests with your athletes.

    Up to 4 athletes can be tested every 20 minutes, depending on the set up.

    All testing data is immediately reported back to support staff along with initial hydration strategies for each athlete.

    Our patented Sweat Testing kit comes in a travel friendly box.

    2. DIY Hydration (with plenty of support!)

    Our Sweat Testing hardware can be purchased and includes training on how to conduct and interpret Sweat Tests.


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