We’re all familiar with the notion that a New Year can provide us with an opportunity to reset, refresh and refocus. For some, that new found motivation can begin to wane by mid-February if there isn’t something exciting on the horizon to provide the impetus to get out there and train.

So, if you’re in the market for a unique challenge this year, why not give one of these events a try…

Hourglass - Mad Hatter Sports Events

When: 20th February 2022 Where: Cornwall, UK Website: Mad Hatter Sports Events

Originally due to make its debut in 2020, but for obvious reasons, 2022 will see the first running of the Hourglass. 

The run takes you on a 2-mile (flat-ish) lap around the Royal Cornwall Events Centre, there’s 30 minutes on the clock for you to complete the first lap, easy right? Well, this is where it becomes interesting, 1 minute is knocked off the clock for every following lap. It’s about who can survive the longest. 

It’s somewhat of an endurance runner's Multi-Stage Fitness Test (beep test). Choose to pace it how you wish, run at an even pace and rest at the end of the lap, or let your pace build as the time-cap decreases. 

Precision Fuel & Hydration are stoked to support this exciting new event, and as a result you’ll receive a packet of PH 1500 in your registration pack to ensure you head into the Hourglass hydrated. 

Thinking of signing up? Use the code: PH15 to get 15% off your entry.

The Yak Attack - MTB Worldwide

When: 11th - 22nd November 2022 Where: Nepal Website: MTB Worldwide

If mountain biking is more your thing, then perhaps challenging yourself to complete the “Highest Mountain Bike Race on Earth” is the way to go. 

7 days of racing (and a much needed rest day) will see you take in the natural wonders that Nepal has to offer. 280km of riding that will include 9000m of ascent, reaching the dizzying heights of 5416m above sea level. With the race being set amongst the Himalayas; altitude, tough terrain, temperature extremes and harsh living conditions make this a proper once in a lifetime challenge. 

Orcas Island - Odyssey SwimRun

When: 18th September 2022 Where: Washington, USA Website: Odyssey Swimrun

It’s the 20-year anniversary of the sport of SwimRun being conceived, after a drunken bet in a Swedish bar. The result of what feels like a very similar wager last year, saw me (and many other members of the Precision Fuel & Hydration team) take on my first SwimRun.

Image Credit: Mad Hatter Sports ©

If you’re looking for a new challenge in 2022, then a SwimRun should be right up there…

Swimming in the crisp, freshwater mountain lakes and running the beautiful forest trails of Washington State’s Pacific Northwest. Odyssey's Orcas Island SwimRun gives you the opportunity to race the Long Course (Team or Solo) if you’re an experienced racer looking for a challenge. Or, you can tackle the Short Course (Team or Solo) if you’re looking to dip your toe in the sport. 


When: 13th August 2022 Where: Vidösternsimmet, Sweden Website: Vidösternsimmet

Perhaps it’s the swimming element of the SwimRun that gets you a little more excited. Then why not challenge yourself to a truly epic event in Vidöstern. There are 4 different distances on offer, ranging from an entry level 500m, intermediate 6km. Then it gets really spicy, a 21km swim stretching the length of the lake or if you’re feeling really brave, you can go there and back in the 42km race. 

If you choose the 42km option, you’ll set off at night, with your first length of the lake taking place in the dark. Your night swim will be guided by a lit kayak. The kayaks will provide support for the first leg of the challenge. Once you hit the other end of the lake, you get a brief respite whilst waiting for the 21km race to kick off at 7am. It’s an event that certainly isn’t for the faint of heart (or weak of swim). 

Image Credit: David Miller ©

First Light Marathon - Albatros Adventure Marathons

When: 28th January 2023 Where: Gisbourne, New Zealand Website: Albatros Adventure Marathons

Yes, yes, I know, this event isn’t in 2022. But, it’s so early in 2023 that you’ll have to sign up for it in 2022. I hope this will help to keep you motivated to train all year!

The First Light Marathon does exactly what it says on the tin. Gisbourne is known for being the first city in the world to see the sun each and every day. So, whilst the idea of 26.2 miles (42.2km) on your feet isn’t novel, doing so as the dawn breaks over the beautiful coastline and rolling hills of the east coast of New Zealand is something that will be worth putting in the training miles to be one of the first individuals on earth to witness the sun rising. 

If you’re taking on a new, exciting or interesting challenge this year, get in touch and let us know by dropping us an email at hello@precisionfuelandhydration.com. We’ll be on hand to assist you with getting your fueling and hydration strategy dialled in.