What's our deal?

At Precision Fuel & Hydration, we work hard every day to help athletes perform at their best. Whether that's through developing products and useful tools like our Sweat Tests and Quick Carb Calculator, jumping on one-on-one video consultations to discuss your fueling and hydration strategy, or researching and creating educational content, we wake up every day wanting to help athletes like us achieve their goals and enjoy their sport.

Because of this, we generally don't offer regular discounts or sales on our products. (We do make exceptions from time to time, such as Black Friday, so it's worth subscribing to our email list so you don't miss out when that's the case!).

Depending on where you're based, we do offer free shipping on orders over a certain threshold in some countries. No coupon code needed! (Again, as a small business, it's hard for us to offer that on every order, everywhere).

Thanks for understanding and please do reach out via email, or book in for a free video consultation, to discuss your strategy for your next race. We'd love to help you.

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