PH 500

PH 500 is a moderate strength electrolyte drink designed to help you stay hydrated when you're sweating. Dissolve 1 packet in 500ml of water.


Our electrolytes come in different strengths to match how YOU sweat. Take a Sweat Test to find out which strength is right for you!

PH 500
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Our all-natural electrolyte drink mix packets come in different strengths to match how YOU sweat. PH 500 is a moderate strength electrolyte drink typically used by athletes with low to moderate sweat/sodium losses.
Informed Sport certified
Informed Sport certified
Mixes up to deliver a 3% carbohydrate solution
Mixes up to deliver a 3% carbohydrate solution
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
Convenient, waterproof single-serving packets
Convenient, waterproof single-serving packets
Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise
Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise
"I love the customisation that Precision Fuel & Hydration offers. It sits well in my stomach and tastes great as well! I use PH to hydrate before racing to ensure I'm not going into any race with any deficiencies."
Sam Appleton - Multiple IRONMAN 70.3 Champion

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"Hydration was an area I hadn't quite mastered before joining Team Precision Fuel & Hydration. Having the extra knowledge from Precision Fuel & Hydration, alongside their fantastic products, has really allowed me to push on to the next level."
Eilish McColgan - 2x Team GB Olympian


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PH Gels and Powders are THE best for racing and training
I tested with Sean O'Mahoney in 2019 prior to racing Sani2C mountain bike event. My sodium loss level is high (mid-1500's) which helped explain issues I've had with racing and long training days over the years. I have used the the tablets since then but since September have upped my game as PH upped their game. Gels and powder packs are amazing. I was finding the tablets didn't sit well after a long time in the saddle making taking in enough nutrients hard. The powder packs changed this and I'm very happy with this as it keeps me easily on track with my specific plan. The gels have been a total game changer. I couldn't stomach any gels and would try other options to stay carb-fuelled but often could not take anything in and would get quite bonky. The gels taste and texture are perfect. I did my first fondo in 2 years (Covid cancelled everything here in Canada until October) and stuck to a gel every 30 min and one 1500 PH bottle, one 500 PH bottle. No stops. 140km. Super energized through the finish and was top female, TT section winner and 2nd QOM (at age 52) and 6th overall. Then went on to IM70.3 Indian Wells after not racing in years and not running much at all since 2015 back injury. And while the day was hot and the run was not great, my fuelling was spot on strictly using the gels and powder mix (plus one bottle of carb30 on the bike). I needed more salt on the run (dropped my sodium somewhere). And would have liked a PH gel with caffeine option, which I am thinking is coming out. Place 2nd AG and headed now to 2022 Worlds in St. George, UT along with the ITU Olympic Distance Worlds in Abu Dhabi (deferred from 2020). Would like to see the powders also available in a canister or bag with scoop (like the Carb 30). I generally don't like carbs in the bottle but now use Carb 30 for a 75-90 min indoor high intensity cycling session (I coach) and as a supplement to the gels on race day. Finally keeping a nutrition plan simple and effective is easy. As a plant-based nutritionist I also recommend PH to my cycling/triathlete clients.

The Real Deal
The real deal Up until last week I had only ran 10km races and if I'm honest hadn't really taken my hydration as serious I should have. I had ran longer distances but not actually entered any races. Last week I ran a 27km trail race and have entered a number of longer distance races including ultras in 2022. I decided it was time to up my game and take my hydration seriously. I got in touch with PH and completed the online sweat test. Within minutes I had an email from a guy called greg and had a solid chat in terms of what I wanted to achieve and what my goals are. I was recommended a starter pack which I tried out on a longer run the week before my race and then put it to the real test on the Weeknd of my first longer distance race. I preloaded the night before with a ph1500 packet and then a ph500 packet 90 minutes before the race and one ph500 packet straight after the race to help with the rehydration. What a difference. I felt fresh and completely hydrated throughout the race and didn't suffer with any cramping or fatigue, which considering the conditions of the race was next level for me. Yes it's early days for me but I would 100% recommend the products and Precision Hydration. The service that I have received is outstanding.

Great stuff
I was initially sceptical whether a hydration product could make a real difference to my performance. I was wrong - it did! I literally smashed every training session I did following the advice from the experts at PH and even delivered a power PB at the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Bosnia.

Saved my marathon
Saved my marathon

Highly recommended
Used PH for the first time for Ironman Staffordshire,temperature reached 30 degrees but thanks to the hydration program completed it successfully,Highly recommended 👍

My thoughts
Easy to use and understand and taste good

A game changer
Both products are a real game changer, especially when training in hotter temperatures. No more stinging salty sweat dripping into my eyes !

Junior hydration
My 14 year old son uses these at every race and is very positive about them.

Effective hydration without the chemical nasties
I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination, I'm an over 60 fat'ish lad at the back with diabetes. PH gives me exactly what I need, effective hydration without 'nasties' and sugar. My rides ( 3 to 4 Hours) are now much better hydrated and my blood sugar is better controlled. Great for cycling in hot places such as Languedoc and Provence. Thank you PH.

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