Sweat Testing in Aspen, Colorado

Elliott Performance & Nutrition is a private practice located in Aspen, Colorado that provides sports nutrition services to fitness enthusiasts as well as recreational and competitive athletes of all ages, abilities and sports. Katie Elliott, MS/RD is the founder of the practice and works with athletes locally as well as remotely through HIPAA-compliant video chat. In addition to nutrition services, the practice also offers exercise physiology testing, consulting services, speaking services and triathlon coaching services.

Elliott Performance & Nutrition is excited to offer Precision Hydration's Advanced Sweat Test. We feel that understanding an athlete’s individual hydration needs is key to creating fueling plans for both training and racing. We perform in-person testing services at Achieve Health and Performance in Basalt, Colorado and can arrange mobile testing services by appointment.

Contact Details: Katie Elliott (MS/RD, USAT Coach)

River View Plaza
100 Elk Run Drive
Suite 101

Telephone: 970-355-5033

Email: katie@elliottperformanceandnutrition.com
Web: elliottperformancenutrition.com

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