Sweat Testing in Christchurch, Dorset at Precision Fuel & Hydration HQ

We have Sweat Tested thousands of athletes and teams around the world across all kinds of sports. Nobody has more Sweat Testing experience in the field than us - we are The Sweat Experts.

We're sure you know by now but theres around a 10-fold concentration difference between a very low salt sweater and a very high salt sweater; we've Sweat Tested athletes who lose as little as 200mg of sodium per litre of sweat and others well over 2000mg/l. When combining concentration variance with our different sweat rates and different activity lengths in differing environments, the demand for sodium supplementation for different people can be vastly different.

Cramp? Dehydration? Struggle in the heat? Perhaps you need to utilise some of our stronger electrolyte drinks. Here's a blog about why sodium is such an important electrolyte

We offer mobile Sweat Testing anywhere in the UK for those who want to understand more about their sweat and get a personalised hydration plan. Just let us know if you have an interested group and we'll see whether we can plan a trip to see you!

Our team are based at PH HQ on the south coast in Christchurch, Dorset and you'd be very welcome to visit us for a test - come and see how we work!

If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to drop us a line...

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