Sweat Testing in London, UK 

At PH we have a vast amount of experience when it comes to Sweat Testing. We've worked with individual athletes and teams all over the world across all sorts of sports and abilities.

As the saying goes, we are all different and sweat is certainly no exception to that. In extreme cases we see a 10 X difference in the amount of sodium lost per litre of sweat. When you combine that with differences in sweat rate, activity duration and environment the necessity for supplementation is significantly variable. 

Is a Sweat Test for you?

Before we kick off lets not kid ourselves, a Sweat Test isn't the magic bullet to turn you into a pro athlete overnight but for a lot of people it can be a bit of a game changer. If you've suffered with cramp, dehydration or generally struggle to pull a performance together in the heat then sodium depletion could be implicated. Here's why sodium is so important for athletes. A Sweat Test is a very quick and easy way to grade your level of salt and fluid loss. Our test is carried out at rest - if you haven't seen it in action then watch this video here

Your sweat sodium concentration is largely genetically determined so we'd recommend you'd only ever need one Sweat Test. Once you've had a test you'll know how much salt you lose and we'll build a hydration strategy with you to personalise your sodium supplementation utilising our multi-strength drinks.  

Although our team are based on the south coast of the UK in Christchurch, we do organise Sweat Testing events in London roughly every 6-8 weeks. Let us know if you're keen to join us for an Advanced Sweat Test at our next event and we'll reach out once we have a date and a venue planned. Do also let us know if you have an interested group and we'll see whether we can plan a special trip to see you!

You'd also be very welcome to jump on a train to Christchurch to come and see how we work at PH HQ - we can certainly schedule an appointment here if you can make it!

We'd always advice taking our free online Sweat Test to get started with some products in training before we meet. We can then take any feedback you have, following some testing out in the field, into account in your Advanced Sweat Test consultation to help us refine your strategy further.

If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to drop us a line...

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