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Build Peak Compete (BPC) Performance Systems - Memphis, TN

BPC are the official Precision Fuel & Hydration Sweat Testing partner in Memphis, Tennessee. Established in 2009, BPC has always stood for custom and individualized sports performance solutions and have trained hundreds of athletes with varying sporting backgrounds.

BPC is the Mid South's premier endurance sports coaching organization, but has firm roots in the development of athletes in more mainstream sports like football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, and many more. They work with first timers, Kona Qualifiers, National and State Champions, Scholarship recipients, and everything in between. 

Alongside Sweat Testing, BPC offer:

- Personalized Coaching and Training Program Development

- One on One Skill Development

- Dynamic Bike Fitting and other Movement Analysis

- Speed and Agility Training

- Online Strength and Cycling Classes

- Nutrition Consultations

Why should you get Sweat Tested in Tennessee?

When training or racing in Tennessee hydration can certainly be a challenge - the hot and humid environment makes it a sweaty place to workout! An Advanced Sweat Test with BPC is an easy way to asses your sodium and fluid losses and better understand your requirement for sodium supplementation. 

Everyone sweats very differently and so our demands for sodium and fluid replacement are wide ranging. Understanding your own body is key in getting hydration right; we Sweat Test athletes who lose as little as 200mg of sodium per liter of sweat and as much as 2000mg per liter - what do you lose?

Have you had cramping problems or suffer in the Tennessee sun? Do you suffer with post training headaches? How salty is your sweat and what should you be drinking?

A Sweat Test will help you answer some of these questions and the guys at BPC will build a Personalised Hydration Plan for you based around your needs. 

Dale and Bryant will be on hand to help you refine your strategy once you have some testing under your belt in training - they'll be your Sweat Experts whenever you need them (...obviously within reason!).

If you're based in Tennessee and have questions please do reach out to Dale & Bryant directly. Their contact details are below and they won't bite!

Contact Details: Dale Sanford & Bryant Funston

BPC Performance Systems


Telephone: (+1) 901-308-7272
Email: info@buildpeakcompete.com
Web: buildpeakcompete.com
Facebook: @buildpeakcompete
Instagram: @bpcperformance

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