Sweat Testing in Poland

Sweat Testing in Poland, with Way2Champ Endurance Coaching and Centrum Edukacji Żywieniowej i Sportu 


Way2Champ Endurance Coaching and Centrum Edukacji Żywieniowej i Sportu specialize in testing, coaching and educating athletes, teams, and organizations. They look at personalized plans to achieve better results in competitions. Their teams include more than 18 full-time time professional nutritionists and endurance coaches from across Europe.

Way2Champ and Centrum Edukacji Żywieniowej i Sportu offer consultancy in high-performance sports nutrition and endurance coaching with an emphasis on triathlon and cycling. In 2018 Way2Champ andCentrum Edukacji Żywieniowej i Sportu became a Precision Fuel & Hydration Sweat Test Centre, and now also offer Sweat Testing and advice on Personalised Hydration Planning.

Contact Details: Inaki de la Parra

Batorego 2/9,
40-061 Katowice,

Email: inaki@Way2Champ.com or m.gawelczyk@Cezis.pl

Websites: way2champ.com and: cezis.pl

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