Sweat Testing in Singapore

Coached Sweat Testing in Singapore

Coached is a heart rate training programme that helps you optimise, track and enjoy your training.
Through their state of the art fitness lab, years of experience and personal training platform Coached creates bespoke training plans for athletes of all abilities.
They offer a range of lab-based tests to help hone in on individuals needs, which is where the relationship with Precision Fuel & Hydration began. With the relentless heat and humidity in Singapore, hydration in and around training is crucial and with the addition of Sweat Testing, Coached now offer the ability to build athletes Personalised Hydration Plans to compliment their training.

If you want to get booked in for Advanced Sweat Test at Coached you can either use the contact details below or follow this link to book online

144 Robinson Rd,
Singapore 068908
Open By Appointment only
Telephone: +65 6343 4070
Email: hello@coached.fitness
Web: coached.fitness

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