PH 1500

PH 1500 is a very strong electrolyte drink designed to help you start hydrated (and stay that way once you're sweating, if you're a heavy/salty sweater). Dissolve 1 tablet in 16oz of water.


Our electrolytes come in different strengths to match how YOU sweat. Take a Sweat Test to find out which strength is right for you!

PH 1500
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Our low-calorie electrolyte tablets come in different strengths to match how YOU sweat. PH 1500 is our strongest electrolyte drink and it is typically used by athletes aiming to start well hydrated and recover faster after intense exercise. It is also used during exercise by heavy/salty sweaters.
Low in calories/carbs, ideal for fasted-training and LCHF lifestyle
Low in calories/carbs, ideal for fasted-training and LCHF lifestyle
NSF certified for sport
NSF certified for sport
Weight / space efficient tubes
Weight / space efficient tubes
Dissolve in 16oz of water
Dissolve in 16oz of water
Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise
Hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise
"I lose a lot of salt when I'm sweating. Even on a normal training day, my shorts and jersey are super salty. And I cramp sometimes on warmer days. PH's products are great. I use their highest strength and add it to my bottles during and after a ride."
Coryn Rivera - Team Sunweb rider and 72x National Champion

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"PH keeps me at the top of my game around the clock, ensuring I’m best prepared to perform during sessions, races & recovery!"
Emma Jeffcoat - Multiple ITU World Cup winner


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PH and TTs
Always been a heavy sweater, and even more so this TT season which has been uncharacteristically warm/scorchio! The 1500 is my go to product for all my races and contrary to last year I haven’t blown up once. Quality lubricant for my engine😁

Perfect hydration
Pre-loading the night before & 40mins ahead of ride has really worked for me. Performance has been great & I’ll definitely continue using.

Great Product
Really great product which has helped my running. I’ve tried other brands but don’t find they do the job as well as Precision Hydration. Would highly recommend.

Game Changer - Severe Muscle Cramps
I'm a middle-aged male from North Florida (yes it's hot and humid) who suffers or suffered from very severe muscle cramps in mid-distance and full distance triathlons. I had tried everything under the sun but ultimately was left just sucking it up and grinding it out. Precision Hydration suggested that I have my sweat tested, not sweat rate but sweat test. After doing so, I discovered I was always performing at a deficit. Since consuming Precision Hydration and provided I'm disciplined pre-event/workout and on course discipline, the tabs, powder packs, and blister packs have been a true game-changer. Call these guys and gals, talk to them, they're here to help.

Mr. Sweat A Lot
I've always known I'm a very heavy sweater. After having my sweat analyzed, I found out I also have a very high sodium content in my sweat. Outdoor activities in the summer time often left me with severe leg cramps. Strenuous activities like a triathlon sprint would literally have me taking an IV to replenish my fluids. The pain was often excruciating. Since using the pH1500 product, I have regained the ability to take part in the cycling, skiing, and outdoor work projects that I love doing.

PH1500 Tablets (tube)
I have a personal plan and the 1500 really helps me avoid dizzy spells i used to get when stressed.

Ultra running heavy sweater
Loving these products, I am an ultra running heavy sweater that has suffered more than my fair share of body cramps, during and after big races/training runs. I now treat my body pre-run/race during with the caps and after. My experience is that they work for me.

These are great
These are great. I am super sweaty and these have solved the problem of dizziness post work outs. Neutral flavour and easy to use as well. Great.

For a proper sweaty Betty
It’s perfect for me, as I’m a proper sweaty Betty! This is no frills, easy on the gut and I recover so much better after a long/ hard run. Thank you! 😊

Finding the right electrolyte product for me.
I've been experimenting of late, in trying to find a good quality electrolyte product that works well for me. I've been using the mass produced tablets available on the well-known cycling brand websites, but I've never known if there was better out there. I have since landed on the products of Precision Hydration and will now stick with them. The initial introduction to the site if great, in trying to determine how much you sweat and then creating a hydration strategy aligned to you. This led me to the PH 1000 and PH 1500 products, both of which I recommend. There is very little taste on the PH1000 product, unlike other brands adding in flavours, and though a more noticeable taste on the PH 1500, still very pleasant. I like the ability of having sachets for having on long rides with me in hot weather, and the tabs for using at home, especially for indoor rides, so it's great that they offer both options. I can't prove this, but I feel my efficiency on the bike has improved due to a better level and awareness of hydration, and doubt helped by this product. I highly recommend for those interested in high performance, and long endurance sports (for me, that's cycling).