Did you catch Team Precision Fuel & Hydration on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio? Don't worry if not, you can listen to the full interview below. 

A chance meeting at London Heathrow Airport ended up with the guys being invited to appear on Chris's popular radio show, which attracts more than 1 million listeners each week. 

Precision Fuel & Hydration's Andy, Jonny and Abby headed to the Virgin Radio studios in London to Sweat Test the Breakfast Show team and find out which of Chris Evans, Vassos Alexander or Rachel Horne were the saltiest sweaters. 

Andy and co. explained how our Advanced Sweat Test works and the importance of preloading for athletes (and they also highlighted the value of using a strong electrolyte drink to help you get through those hangovers... not that I'd know anything about that...). 

Keen marathon runner Chris Evans quizzed the team during a wide-ranging interview, which also included some absolutely banging tunes - Billy Eilish, Stereophonics, Sheryl Crow and The Buzzcocks to name just a few.

Although we think Chris might have missed a trick with the playlist by not throwing in any of the great back catalogue of Keith Sweat, Bob Marley's 'Girl I Want To Make You Sweat', or Alice Cooper's 'Working Up A Sweat' (that's it, we're out of sweat-related songs now, let us know if you can think of anymore...). 

Image Credit: Jonny Tye ©

To find out how salty your sweat is, you can book in for an Advanced Sweat Test at one of our Sweat Test Centres.