As part of a new video series, Precision Fuel & Hydration founder Andy Blow will be sharing an online drink with our top ambassadors and first up is two-time Olympian, Eilish McColgan.

Scroll down to see the full video as Andy shares an 'on-nomi' - which is a Japanese phrase for sharing a drink with friends over a virtual chat or web conference, particularly during times of self-isolation - with elite middle-distance runner Eilish during the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Andy was sitting comfortably (or relatively comfortably at his camping table) in his spare room, Eilish was in Flagstaff, Arizona, for a training camp as the coronavirus-induced lockdown in the USA began. 

We cover:

  1. Eilish gives her thoughts on the Olympics in Tokyo
  2. Changing mindset for races being cancelled
  3. The opportunities that race cancellations have provided
  4. How Eilish is planning to adapt her training to indoors
  5. And... an update on the toilet roll situation in Arizona... 

Watch the video below:

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