Pro triathlete Emma Pallant caught up with Andy for an online video chat recently and she took the time out to share her favourite indoor training session with us.

It's ominously named "the burn is real" and it's one to add to your training plan when you're next getting sweaty in your pain cave. 

Emma Pallant's indoor training session: 

- 30-minute nice easy warm up with some 'pick-ups' to get the HR up and ready for the main event: 

- Three sets of: 

1 min hard effort, 50 secs spin 

1 min hard effort, 40 secs spin

1 min hard effort, 30 secs spin

1 min hard effort, 20 secs spin

1 min hard effort, 5 mins spin 

- Easy 20 mins spin to cool down at the end

Click here for a printable version of Emma's indoor workout.