Precision Fuel & Hydration founder Andy Blow is joined for a virtual drink (or an 'on-nomi' as the Japanese call it) by former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber. 

Andy knows Mark from his days working as a Sports Scientist at the Porsche Human Performance Centre and they've remained in touch since starting their own respective business, with Mark the founder of the performance clothing company, Aussie Grit Apparel. 

The pair caught up over a red wine (although Andy indulged in a coffee as the time difference between the UK and Australia meant it was 7am and far too early for alcohol in Andy's world...) to discuss the changing sporting landscape caused by the coronavirus situation and you can see their full video chat below.

With the Formula 1 World Championship season delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mark gives his views on the outlook for F1 this season and takes a wider look at how sport has been affected by the ongoing crisis.

Mark focuses on the positives that can come out of the current world situation and gives us an insight into how Australia has been affected so far. 

Mark reveals he's already been getting involved in the odd 'on-nomi' too as he enjoyed a virtual drink with David Coulthard to celebrate the Scot's birthday recently, while he has a cracking anecdote to tell at the end of his drink with Andy as he tells us which Hollywood movie star has been drinking Precision Fuel & Hydration electrolytes...

Watch the full video to find out more:

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