We caught up with professional triathlete Adam Bowden after he enjoyed a couple of weeks to remember. Adam was celebrating tying the knot with his long-term partner Rhian before he postponed their honeymoon to race IRONMAN Bolton, where he finished in the top-five.

We asked Adam for 5 of his top tips for training and performance...

Hi Adam, you changed coaching set-up during the off-season. So, what's been the biggest change to your training regime since the change?

Now that I’m being coached by Marc Jenkins and Rhys Jones, my training has been modified into a more 'race specific' program.

So, we're making sure that adequate recovery periods are being put in to place to allow me to perform at my best on race day.

We've also been making tweaks to my bike position which I'm continually working on as I try to find the best position for my body type. The specific focus is on the fact I'm less flexible and so we're trying to make sure the bike is moulded to me, rather than the other way around.

Image Credit: Ryan Sosna-Bowd ©

What's your best advice to athletes who are trying to fit training in with childcare? (I understand you were doing some home schooling during lockdown last year!)

Good question, this would depend on the age of your children and whether you would be happy to leave your children to go outside for a run to entertain themselves!

During lockdown, I pretty much combined my biking with home schooling so I was on the Wattbike on Zwift, whilst monitoring the boys. This was still very stressful at times because even though you're in the house, trying to look after the boys is tricky when you don’t really want to have to jump of the bike to break up fights!

It’s certainly hard but having the facilities to train on a treadmill and static bike are a must in this situation.

What's the worst fueling mistake you've made during a race?

Losing my hydration system on a speed bump and missing bottles at aid stations certainly cost me a podium in the past. Once on the run, dehydration and lack of stored energy was too much for the body, it just wanted to stop.

Incredibly I still managed to finish the race but recovery from this event took a long time. Lesson learnt though.

If a situation like this occurs, I learned you must slow down at aid stations and take the hit of a few seconds so you can grab some much needed fuel. 

Image Credit: Ryan Sosna-Bowd ©

What's the 1 piece of kit you couldn't do without?

Helmet, it saves lives.

And of course, my Precision Fuel & Hydration. Hydration and fueling have got to be a high priority when to perform at your best. 100%.

And your best advice to athletes preparing for a return to racing after a long lay-off?

Build back gradually into all the different disciplines. Make sure that your core and muscles are strong before you attempt to do anything too strenuous when it comes to your swim, bike and run.

Spend a week of just doing core and stretching before starting back, this will hugely help with your transition back to training and racing.

Thanks Adam, congrats on your result at IM Bolton and your marriage to Rhian!