̶P̶F̶ ̶3̶0̶ ̶D̶r̶i̶n̶k̶ ̶M̶i̶x̶ ̶ PF 60 Drink Mix

Same Energy Drink Mix. Better name.

We're changing the name of our Energy Drink Mix from PF 30 Drink Mix to PF 60 Drink Mix.

We've also added the drink's sodium concentration to the front of the packaging.

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The product hasn't changed at all, just the name and packaging and this will roll out to our different regional stores one by one over the next few months.

We've done this to make it easier to compare it with the other drink-based products in our range, as well as to track what you're taking in so you can hit your numbers and perform at your best.

Remind me how much carb and sodium I get from the PF 60 Drink Mix?

These numbers haven't changed, we've just tweaked how we present them to make the drink mix easier to use alongside our other products and the Fuel & Hydration Planner.

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So, why didn't you just call it PF 60 Drink Mix from the start you numbskulls?!

Great question. 👀🤦

We initially named the Energy Drink Mix to fit in with the rest of our Precision Fuel products, which are named based on the amount of carb they deliver per serving. e.g. 1 packet of PF 30 Gel provides 30g of carb.

In hindsight, that's problematic for 2 reasons.

Firstly, whilst the 'per serving' system works well for gels and chews because the serving size is fixed, it's not as useful for drink mixes because, in reality, your 'serving size' depends on your choice of bottle.

It's like when you buy a large bag of Doritos and the packaging tells you that a serving is 30g, which is about 12 chips. Nobody ever eats just 12 chips and so the 'per serving' nutritional info isn't helpful. Instead, you're better off looking at the 'per 100g' numbers if you want to understand just how questionable a choice Doritos are vs other foods.

Secondly, the Energy Drink Mix is a bit of a master-of-all-trades in that it contains a decent helping of both carb and sodium. It essentially sits between the Precision Fuel and Precision Hydration ranges.

And, here's the thing, our other drink-based products - the Precision Hydration tablets and packets - are named based on the amount of sodium they deliver per litre.

This is called "relative sodium concentration" and it's the most appropriate way to communicate the strength of a sports drink as well as an athlete's sweat sodium losses. e.g. I lose 1,850mg of sodium per litre of sweat, making me a very salty sweater!

Naming our drinks in this way makes it easy to find the right strength for you once you've had a Sweat Test.

So, we realised that by changing the Energy Drink Mix's name to PF 60 Drink Mix and adding "1000mg of sodium per litre" to the front of the packaging, we'd make it easier to understand what you're getting from your bottles.

This also helps you compare the PF 60 to the other drink-based products in our arsenal when you're deciding which is best for you in different scenarios.

Ok, and how does the PF 60 Drink Mix compare with the Precision Hydration products?

From a hydration POV, the PF 60 Drink Mix is the same as our PH 1000 tablets and packets.

It's on the fueling side that each product differs...

With the old name and packaging, there was potential to think the Energy Drink Mix was the hydration equivalent of PH 500, because you read that it delivers 500mg of sodium per 500ml serving.

Name changes are often a bit stressful at first.

I remember freaking out when the World Wrestling Federation had to change their name to WWE.

Over the years I've come to realise that, like my spandex-clad heroes, I overreacted...

I hope this page takes any stress and confusion out of this particular name change.

If you have any questions at all, just let us know.

Stay fueled and hydrated.

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