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Our blister-packed capsules are ideal when you're relying on water from feed stations at events, if mixing up drinks during your longer activities isn't practical, or if you prefer plain water to even the mildest of sports drinks. They're also useful for topping up the electrolyte content of other drinks. 15 capsules per box, 250mg of sodium per capsule. Swallow with water.

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The 'Secret Sauce'
Switched to PH products about 6 months ago having used various other brands over many years. Great products and support from people who are incredibly knowledgeable. No changes to my workout structures but definite changes to the outcomes in terms of race results. PH are the 'secret sauce' in my opinion.

PH I wouldn’t race without it now
Moved my hydration over to PH when I was recommended by a friend. Used the link on the website to get feedback on my requirements. I must say I’ve see the results change in my longer rides and runs. Would definitely recommend trying PH out. I sweat quite a lot and using PH hydration supplements has been a fantastic move for me. Unlike most larger companies you get personal mails asking how your doing on the plan they provide and additional support when required what’s not to like.

Awesome products from a great company
Great products and fantastic service from a brilliant company. Been looking for the right hydration products and tried nearly everyone, but Precision Hydration has been he break through I have been looking for. Love the fact that you can get different strengths, so you can fine tune your needs to your training environment and needs.

PH products
Great products, easy on the stomach and subtle flavours. Use it for before/during and after long training sessions and events.

Wish i discovered them earlier!
Very simple to use, flavour is great and i saw the results immediately! great for both training and races!

Brilliant product, brilliant company
Fantastic tablets. Help me sleep, and dramatically reduces my cramp. Brilliant company. Fabulous customer support.

Great company and product set
Great company to deal with. They don't try to be something they are not. If you have issues then you will probably find them and benefit from their products. Taste is good, just easy and very effective product.

Go the extra mile or three
Staff at PH are spot on, they are passionate about their products and like their products they go the extra mile helping you dial in to your individual needs. I am very impressed. I am a fitness professional and PH not only back up their products they give you all the technical support you need. They want you to succeed. A top shelf company. I would definitely recommend you give them a try.

Good service
Ordering simple after completing online survey. Starter pack arrived within hours

National 24hr TT with PH hydration and fuel
In short; totally recommend PH for hydration and fuelling. In full; Heard about PH on a Trainer Road podcast and checked out the sweat test as I am a heavy sweater and suffered on long events. Delayed my first purchase but brought some hydration products in recent months in preparation for the national 24 hour time trial. Used them in training and high temps and was impressed with how they worked. Also helping with my recovery. PH gels were also released recently and I have had limited experience with sports nutrition in the past opting for ‘real food’. The clear 30 grams of carbs was really helpful as I have adopted a more structured approach to my fuelling for the first time. I have managed long events better and recovered quicker when fuelling properly. The National 24hr TT had exceptionally hot conditions and I ensured I preloaded the day before and prior to the event with pH1500. I changed my plan to use PH1000 and switched to PH1500 initially due to the excessive heat. There were high drop rates in the high temps and I managed where I have failed in the past. ‘You sweat a lot’ said a blunt passing rider, but I had it covered. I got behind in my drinking overnight and took on some blister pack tablets to compensate and got back on top of my fluid intake after that. Used the PH gels every hour of the 24 along with some solid carbs and took on a consistent 60grams. No GI issues experienced. They are sweet but neutral in flavour, I have completely avoided gels previously due to the weird synthetic flavours not appealing. Im sold on PH gels for a consistent palatable carb source. The products did the job and contributed to me hitting my target and completing my ‘BHAG’. Who knew a well thought out hydration and fuelling strategy would be so effective? Thanks PH. Totally recommended.

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