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6 articles written by Damian Hall


How to be a successful latecomer to endurance sports

Record-breaking ultrarunner Damian Hall explains how he went from running his first half-marathon at the age of 35 to representing his country 5 years later...

6 Minute Read

Lessons from my first DNF (and the importance of fuel for the brain...)

Damian Hall reflects on his DNF at the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and explores the psychology behind his decision to pull out of a race for the first time in his ultrarunning career.

8 Minute Read

How to pace your ultra race

Pacing your ultra can be difficult, so record-breaking ultrarunner Damian Hall has shared the 4 mantras he follows in order to be 'the fastest tortoise'...

7 Minute Read

Ultra training: Is it possible to stay injury free?

GB athlete and UKA coach Damian Hall tempts fate by explaining how he's dodged injury niggles for four years despite 100-mile races and training weeks.

8 Minute Read

Custard, chips, and hummus sandwiches: how to fuel ultramarathons

"Lessons from the field" - record-breaking ultrarunner Damian Hall calls on his wealth of experience to explain what he's learned about fuelling ultramarathons...

8 Minute Read

Sleeping bags and safety pins: How to prepare your kit for multi-day events

Record-breaking ultrarunner and UKA coach Damian Hall talks us through his thought process for selecting kit for multi-stage ultramarathons such as the Marathon des Sables. 

7 Minute Read
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