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8 articles written by James Phillips


How not to use painkillers (what JP learned from a self-inflicted DNF)

Precision Hydration's Customer Service Manager James Phillips gives us an insight into the lessons he learned after making an ill-advised decision on the morning of a race...


How lockdown prepared PH athletes for a return to racing

Athletes with PH in their bottles returned to racing at the Helvellyn Triathlon and we caught up with them to hear how training during lockdown prepared them for their first race of 2020.


Did Helvellyn Triathlon offer a glimpse into the future of racing?

We caught up with professional PH triathletes who raced the Helvellyn Triathlon to get their thoughts on how the future of competitive racing might look.


How to find motivation for training without races

Precision Hydration's Customer Service Manager and ultrarunner, James Phillips, explains how lockdown has opened new doors for his training as he explored the paths less followed...


JP reviews the Proviz REFLECT360 running jacket

Precision Hydration's Sports Scientist and keen ultrarunner James Phillips reviews the Proviz REFLECTIVE360 running jacket.


James and Sean review the ARK Orno Swimrun suit

The ARK Orno 2 was the Swimrun suit of choice at the OTILLO Scilly Isles and the World Championships, so James and Sean have reviewed the suit for us.


5 things I learned doing my first swimrun….

Having had a fantastic experience on the Isles of Scilly and far exceeding any performance goals (coming 3rd overall believe it or not), I thought I'd share what I learned by doing my first swimrun...


Orange Mud P.F.V. (Phone. Flask. Vest.) Hydration Pack Review

James Phillips reviews the Orange Mud P.F.V, which was was designed for runs under two hours and where you only really want to carry a small flask and a few other items.

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