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Will TrainerRoad make you faster?

PH's Sean O'Mahony gives his verdict on the TrainerRoad platform and explains why it could be the perfect training tool to help you achieve your goals this year...

6 Minute Read

Rated: The 5 best indoor training platforms

Precision Hydration's Sean O'Mahony has reviewed the 5 best indoor training platforms to help guide you through your indoor training.

5 Minute Read

Review: The Sufferfest training platform

Sean reviews the Sufferfest indoor training platform to see what the user experience offers indoor riders nowadays...

4 Minute Read

How Sean raced 5hrs 15mins on only ~500 kcal of carbs

My calorie expenditure was 4,700 kCal but I only took in ~500 kCal of carbs during the event. I should have bonked. How did I manage it? I used exogenous ketones to fuel my 5 hour 15 minute race.

6 Minute Read

What to do when you lose 2.5x more sodium than the average athlete

Jack Richards' loses 2,314mg sodium per litre (32oz) of sweat. Here's how Precision Fuel & Hydration helped him become an Ironman by personalizing his hydration strategy...

4 Minute Read

H is for Hyponatremia

We have talked about hyponatremia before but to remind you, it’s a condition that most often occurs in those who drink too much during exercise...

3 Minute Read
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