The team were fighting over a selection of CLUGs that landed in the office a few weeks' ago and we've asked the guys to review their CLUGs - aka "the world's smallest bike racks"... 

James Phillips - Customer Service Manager, athlete and self-proclaimed "neat freak"

Both myself and my partner are keen cyclists and have a number of bikes for all occasions - road, gravel and time-trial - all with differing tyre widths, so it's handy for us that CLUG's come in five different sizes.

Like any bike-lover, I can't bear to part with any of them but finding somewhere to store them all safely without taking up huge amounts of space (we don't have a lot of it right now!) has always been a challenge and, quite honestly, I wish I'd thought of the idea behind CLUGs years ago!

Now we have all our bikes lined up on a single wall, we have space to use the room for other important stuff - like turbo training and yoga (and by "yoga" I do in fact mean having a mat on the floor that I don't use half as much as I should).

There's nothing flashy about the design of the CLUGs, it's just simple, it works and has massively helped with my obsessive tidiness and organisation!

Image Credit: Sam Cummings ©

Sam Cummings - Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, cyclist and owner of three (yes, THREE) bikes

Being fortunate enough to now own (what some people might deem an excessive) three bikes, it's fair to say that they were rapidly becoming obstacles for my other-half to navigate around in our garage.

Given I can only ride one bike at a time (as I am very often reminded), a solution to keep them out of harm's way was well overdue.

I'd seen the CLUG system online a few times, but when Jonny installed a group of these into his garage, the solution was clear. I've now gone ahead and installed two CLUGs in my garage - one "hybrid" and one "roadie".

The WTB 40mm tyres on the gravel bike slot into the hybrid CLUG, whereas I've used the roadie CLUG to secure my narrow-tyred hybrid "pub bike".

Installation was very straight forward, and there's a good level of banter on the packaging and instructions to keep you smiling throughout the process.

A template is included for drilling the holes (cleverly integrated into the cardboard packaging) so you really can't go wrong. Screws and wall plugs are also in there, so don't panic!

A mere 5 minutes later you have yourself a very neat storage solution. I'm absolutely chuffed with my two CLUGs, and I have a feeling that they might just help me justify to my better half that we have space for bike number four...!

Image Credit: Sam Cummings ©

Chris Knight - Marketing Manager, regularly cycles to work and the owner of zero DIY skills

Like Sam, the related subjects of bikes and space have been a regular topic of heated arguments discussions in the Knight household during the last few months, so much so that I ended up selling my mountain bike as I finally had to admit that I wasn't getting the use out of it that could justify it taking up so much space in our garden office / shed. 

My introduction to CLUGs came too late for my beloved and dearly departed mountain bike but they've proven to be an ideal solution to the challenges of keeping my road bike and my wife's hybrid bike safely stowed out of the way.

The instructions for installing the CLUGs are simple but effective (which I find they need to be as my DIY "skills" leave a lot to be desired) and there were none of the IKEA-associated meltdowns that normally occur when I try to put something up in our house.

It's opened up so much more space in our office / shed and it's easy to get my bike in and out for the commute to work, while the ease of accessibility has ensured there's one less excuse for me to skip the evening ride as the night's draw in here in the UK. 

Quite simply, the CLUGs have been a welcome addition to our household as it's reduced arguments and increased space. 

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